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We need a new Track for Betsey Head Park!

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The property that's available on Rockaway ave brooklyn would be a great place for a mini gulf course sense we have so many other parks this park would add a more diverse pleasure for seniors and young... Read more

there a so many kids in this neighborhood but no real enriching kids friendly places. It would be great to have places like Bounce U, Brick City, - educational fun things parents can do with their kids

We need more community activities for the youngsters Betsey head park need a make over we don't need all those handball walls we could take two down and make it kid friendly a haft court and a full court... Read more


The Sabaoth Group - Providing management support and incubation space for local nonprofits and community leaders!

A community center in the old 73rd Precinct Building that would provide STEM training to high school students in and from District 23. The facility would also act as a local STEAM incubator.

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This seems like a great idea. Are there groups in the city who run this type of center? Or local Brownsville groups?

I think bringing back PAL in this community would be of great advantage to the youth in the area. Our youth have the wrong concept of police so the interaction in a community center with volunteer police... Read more

$20 million allocated by the City for the rehabilitation of Houston and Powell Playgrounds; last phase of construction to be complete by Summer '16

Friends of Brownsville Parks is working closely with NYC Parks & Recreation to renovate Betsy Head Park!

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I would like to see a center made especially for the youth where they could have a place to call their own. I know they have the community centers but I feel like no one thinks about the young people and... Read more

Hello Christine, I understand and respect your feelings, but believe me when I say there are a lot of local leaders who do nothing but work to provide youth with the services, programs and activities they... Read more

Restaurants and small eateries are necessary so when we don't have to leave Brownsville to enjoy healthy and multi- cultured cuisine

Would love to see low maintenance plants along median from Livonia to Sutter

The Pitkin Avenue Business Improvement District is comprised of 10 blocks between Howard Avenue and Mother Gaston Blvd extending along Rockaway Blvd between Glenmore and Belmont Avenues committed to the... Read more

More than just baseball happens here! Betsy Head needs a new multipurpose turf so residents can also play football, soccer, cricket, and more!

No easy way to get from East Parkway to Pitkin Ave by bicycle

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This intersection is awful for both pedestrians and bikers. The Howard and Eastern Pkwy intersection is also really bad. Cars turning onto Eastern Pkwy from Howard rarely slow down or yield to pedestrians.... Read more

I think the city should provide incentives or make it affordable to start small family owned businesses such as restaurants, cafes and bakeries. There is nowhere in Brownsville where families can go enjoy... Read more

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We've heard from a lot of people that there is a need for family restaurants. What do you think are the barriers preventing family restaurants from opening in the neighborhood?

The barrier is cost. Starting a restaurant in NYC costs, on average, $1 million making it nearly impossible for traditional mom and pops to open anymore. To open in NYC restaurants need partners - both... Read more

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Storefront Idea

I would like to see a community space for youth and events!

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