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Update #7

Thanks for the Support!

Thanks to everyone who attended the Hearing Examiner Hearing on July 16. We received feedback on the building design and requests for additional information to be included in the staff report. We will incorporate feedback prior to the Planning Commission scheduled for August 8. In the Information and Plans section of this website, we have posted the presentation made at the hearing as well as the Daily News article that followed the hearing.

There have also been some questions regarding the costs of construction, so we have included a copy of our earlier response to that question. It is included under Information and Plans as well as in the Frequently Asked Questions.

This brings us very close to receiving the final approvals for Burbank Boulevard Senior Housing. We are so grateful for the encouragement we have received so far and encourage you to show your support to the Planning Commission on the 8th. Now is the time! The agenda can be found here.

If you are unable to attend the hearing and wish to support this much needed housing, please find the sample letters of support in the Information and Plans section of this website (also here: for organizations and for individuals). These can be printed and sent to the included address.

Burbank Boulevard Senior Housing

Sherman Oaks, CA
New affordable housing for seniors (62+) who have experienced homelessness.
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