How long have you been connected to Garfield Park

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What other questions and suggestions do you have about this project?

Make this a place the neighborhood can be proud of and make this a nationally renowned example of bold, sustainable design.

What types of amenities would you like to see as part of the C40 housing? What types of amenities would make the site feel attractive, safe and a place that you would call home?

Lots of green space with native plants to create a sense of place.

What makes a safe and attractive site – what should playground, landscaping, fencing, parking look like? What other changes will improve safety at the property and on the block?

There should be a minimal amount of parking. Public safety can be provided by neighbors looking out for each other.

What features should the apartments have?

A strong connection to the outdoors and a lot of natural light.

Phase 2 will consist of approximately 31 units for long term ownership - how many of each type should there be? 1 BR; 2 BR, 3 BR?

Again there should be an equal mix of all 3 sizes.

Phase I (southeast corner of Fifth and Kedzie) will consist of approximately 45 units for rent. How many of each bedroom type: 1 BR; 2BR; 3 BR?

There should be an equal mix of all 3 sizes.

The images that we used in the competition for this project are just a starting concept. What do you like and dislike about them?

I like the bold, modern green design. Do not dumb the design excellence because this is on the West Side.

How can we help West-side-based and Black-owned business owners be successful?

Give seed capital and training to west-side based Black-owned small businesses.

What goods and services do you leave the neighborhood for that this project might be able to meet?

The development should include Food and small locally owned stores.

What should we borrow from architectural elements of buildings in the neighborhood, while still giving the building a contemporary look?

The architecture should take inspiration from the materials and massing of the existing buildings but it should not attempt to copy the existing buildings.

How could this development support the culture and history of the neighborhood?

The development should reflect the culture of the existing residents of the neighborhood while at the same time welcoming new residents. The development should be pedestrian oriented.

What are your priorities for the neighborhood? What priorities should this development try to accomplish?

High quality and sustainable design.

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