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Climate Change Vulnerability Study

The city's overdue CCV study is a huge missing piece of the planning puzzle when it comes to the future development and adaptation of our city, especially around Alewife and Fresh Pond, where flooding... Read more

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We agree that the results of the Cambridge climate change vulnerability assessment and resilience planning must be key considerations guiding planning when we get to the master planning phase.... Read more

At least two points need to be emphasized in regard to planning in an age where flooding could be an issue. First, builders who choose to build in potential flood areas do so at their own risk and most... Read more

Regarding the risk to builders constructing on or near flood plains -- it will be the displaced residents who will bear the brunt of the problem. The owners/developers will have their insurance to fall... Read more

I beg to differ. Unless we're talking about permanent flooding, i.e. a rise in sea and groundwater levels so high as to make housing impossible, the problem is primarily one of property damage and cleanup... Read more