As part of the City Manager search process, we have developed a series of small, issue based focus groups using Cortico: Local Voices Network software. These conversations are designed to elicit deep, issue based, feedback from residents and stakeholders on what they'd like to see in the next City Manager as well as challenges and opportunities that exist for this position. The focus group feedback will help form the leadership profile as we post the job description and attract candidates.

All conversations were recorded, please find the links to the full conversations below as they come on line! You can review the entire transcripts, listen to the whole conversation, or peek at the highlights. We hope you find these conversations informative. 

1. Non-profit Community Leaders

2. Affordable Housing Providers

3. Senior Representatives

4. Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School Students

5. Homeless Shelter Providers

6. Small Business Owners

7. Racial Justice Organizations

8. Environment and Climate Leaders

9. Cambridge Public School and Community School Parents

10. Arts Community

11. Transportation Advocates

12. Faith Based Community

13. ACT/CHA Tenant Councils/Non-Market Renters

14. Disability Community

15. Unhoused Residents *This conversation was not recorded, per the participants' request*

16. Neighborhood Associations (Part 1)

17. Neighborhood Associations (Part 2)

18. Immigrant Community