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Update #10

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We are excited to announce that the Leadership Profile for our next City Manager is complete! Thanks to your input here, 20+ hours of community conversations, and public comments from our town hall, we were able to put together a document that encompasses both the opportunities and challenges for the incoming City Manager and incorporates many of the hopes and concerns we heard from many of you throughout the community. As of today, the Cambridge City Manager position is posted and accepting applications.


What’s Next?

In keeping with our timeline, our consulting partner Randi Frank, LLC will be reaching out to potential applicants (including those suggested via your feedback), collecting applications, and conducting the initial screening and evaluation of potential candidates. The rest of our team will be working to put together the Initial Screening Committee, which will be made up of self-nominated Cambridge participants representing a wide variety of topic areas including renters, homeowners, members of our non-profit community, affordable housing advocates, public safety, planning and higher education partners, to name a few. Watch out for our next update, which will include the nomination form and more details about participation in the Initial Screening Committee.


Is This Thing (Still) On?

While we’re wrapping up our community engagement phase of this search, we want to stay in touch with all of you, and keep you informed as we work toward final interviews and appointment of the next City Manager. We will keep posting updates here on this page, and you can also find information including links to past public meetings and documents on the City of Cambridge website by following the link here.