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Update #2

We hear you!

It’s been great to see all the new comments roll in on our site. A few residents have asked if the development plans in Hoytsville will be like Daybreak, a master-planned community in South Jordan, Utah.

The vision for the town of Hoytsville is part of a village overlay adopted in 2018 to incentivize cooperation and community design flexibility. After a decade of community discussions, Larry H. Miller Communities and Ivory Homes were selected for their focus and unique ability to guide and manage the vision to create a master-planned community. This came through a locally driven process of 27 local property owners, representing approximately 1,000 acres in the Hoytsville area.

As developers we approach each location differently and take into consideration a variety of factors when developing a land plan (unique geography, existing transportation systems, economy, etc.). While we are proud of our involvement in Daybreak, we do not intend to replicate Daybreak with this project. However, there are certain land planning principals that universally apply to creating great places. Our goal is to thoughtfully explore how to create a great place with amenities and homes that consider the unique needs of this area.

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