1. Food Access
How can we improve access to food on the Central Peninsula?
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Harbour Passage is an incredible asset, bringing it all the way around the peninsula and up to Rockwood Park would make it even better

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It would also be great if the linkage between the Harbour Passage and the Reversing Falls were improved. I realize that this is technically outside the scope of this action plan (as well as requiring... Read more

This just in - "Harbour Passage extension to carry Saint John walkway to Crown Street" - http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/harbour-passage-extension-to-carry-saint-john-walkway-to-crown-street-1.4124415... Read more

That's a great idea Luke. Some of this work is planned for this summer.



As a regular dog walker uptown, I have noticed that dog waste is a problem, especially along Germain Street. Could we install dog waste bag dispensers in a few locations on the central peninsula? They... Read more

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Thanks Katie. Although, anecdotally, there are dispensers and signs in Queen Square and not everything is picked up there either. How can we ensure our public spaces, including the street, are clean and... Read more

I don't own any pets but I do tend to carry doggie bags from the dollar store in my pocket as they are small and inexpensive. When I see someone walking their dog without cleaning up after them. I shout... Read more

I would propose a random monthly "Quality of Life" police patrol of neighbourhoods - to observe and enforce the "nuisance" bylaws that often get forgotten, such as noise, smoking, dog waste, and of course,... Read more


We've had people living in the South End ask for a communal waste drop off spot. This would include furniture and large item disposal, a take one, leave one "shed" for items that are still in good condition,... Read more

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The "Slumlords" get away with too much. They bring the value , integrity of this city down . They make people live in slum conditions

The question is, how do we get rid of the slum lords while at the same time providing a sufficient amount of housing that's affordable for people on low incomes? It's not the slum lords who make people... Read more

I agree with the slumlord issues, especially regarding garbage. My opinion is, it's a combination of the slack property owners, the discount property management companies hired to manage buildings (with... Read more

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Idea for Saint John

We should have a tree canopy/planting goal for the neighbourhood. Many of our streets have little or no trees.

We should have a 'park and ride' system for the uptown area. That way, we can encourage development of vacant lots and have designated parking where those can hop a 'Park & Ride bus' to take them around... Read more

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Great idea - a free, circular bus route that carries people from larger parking lots to the uptown would provide an incentive to come uptown and enjoy it as a pedestrian - this would increase traffic... Read more

Loonie Toonies, Everybody drops a dollar in the bus slot for any length of journey, 2 for a return...... 2 buck Hopper Tickets, and then reduce the size of the roads with potted bush planting, easy to... Read more


A school is an important piece of neighbourhood infrastructure.If we want families to populate the neighbourhood we need good, modern schools.

IMHO, Harbour Passage is one of the greatest additions to the peninsula. More of this please :)

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Totally agree, I would love to see the Harbour Trail looping around the Reversing Falls and crossing Wolastoq Park, down Riverview Drive and construct a footpath secured to the side of the Harbour Bridge!

Include a link to Fort Dufferin over West at Negro Point by the breakwater and perhaps years from now even to Partridge Island. Martello Tower could be included in the route, along with some of the heritage... Read more


There needs to be more use of the empty parking lots of the cruise terminals. Ugly empty space for visitors to see when arriving and completely dead space during off season. I've always thought an outdoor... Read more

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Idea for Saint John

The Queen's Square Farmers Market is a great event and has really contributed to a renewed interest in the South End. How do we encourage more events like this?

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Idea for Saint John

We need better access to the waterfront.

Turn the lantic sugar site into a welcoming parkland/ bay of Fundy info centre.

Speed bumps on Paddock street, the speed at which a lot of traffic moves up and down this street is ridiculous. 3 speed bumps on Paddock St (top, middle & bottom) would make this a lot safer for pedestrians,... Read more

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I hear what you're saying, Steve, but I'd like to put in a word of thanks for the flashing pedestrian lights that were installed a few years back. They're a great improvement over the previous complete... Read more

Agreed Steve! This intersection is treated like an extension of the highway and it's very dangerous for anyone trying to cross the street. As a major walking route to the hospital and First Steps, it would... Read more

The flashing pedestrian lights are ineffective! I can't count how many times I have had to dodge cars roaring every direction when I press the light and walk AFTER I look. They are NOT prominent enough

I've had pretty good luck with the flashing lights, but I definitely agree that more could be done. One thing that would help is something on the Garden Street side to divide the right-turning traffic... Read more

I agree! I was seriously injured crossing the top of Paddock in the crosswalk several years ago. That was before the pedestrian crossing lights were installed, but it's still a dangerous intersection for... Read more


The community gardens are beautiful here and it is nice to see the activity in the gardens growing each year.

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Have seen so many people picking all the flowers planted in Kings Sq every year. The work put into the square by the city workers is being ruined. Can anything be done to stop this abusing of the square?

Are there any signs posted? If not, maybe signs that even children would understand, and are polite. I like the idea of a patch for picking. Maybe an area for planting and the pickers could just plant... Read more

All our tax dollars pay i think we should be allowed but signs reminding people not to "overpick" could be helpful... And what about edible plants ...not everything has to be flowers...


Broad Street is *way* too broad. It's a wasteland of asphalt originally built to accommodate heavy truck traffic (that has since been rerouted to 1-Mile House) and is a barrier to development and access... Read more

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The city has plans to extend Harbour Passage along Broad Street - see http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/harbour-passage-extension-to-carry-saint-john-walkway-to-crown-street-1.4124415 That... Read more

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