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Any other suggestions to make the Central Peninsula a better place to live?

kudos re engagement event this evening - I am wondering about timeframe for revised heritage by-laws - I am the President of a Condo Board on Prince William Street, and we would like to make replacing... Read more

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Hi Jane,

Thanks for your feedback and for attending the public open house last week. Regarding the update of the Heritage By-law, we are planning on adopting the amendments to the Heritage By-law... Read more

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I have the same issue on Prince William Street. I look forward to the opportunity to make my home more energy efficient while respecting the character that drew me to the area. There is nothing historical... Read more

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The other concern we have in our building is whether heritage will require us to replace all windows at the same time... I had a quote at $4000 per window x 4 windows... being able to replace them one... Read more

It is possible to install thermo panes in existing wooden windows, Metcalf glass is just one company capable of doing this. Two large windows in my current home have thermos in the old wooden window frames.... Read more

Chris wrote: "Long term vinyl windows are only designed for something like a 20-30 year lifespan." The owner of the building across the street from me was told *by the Heritage Committee* that he could... Read more