What's in the Works

Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) is on track to bring clean fusion energy technology to the planet. CFS is collaborating with MIT to design and build fusion power systems that will provide the world with limitless, clean fusion energy to combat climate change. To support this mission, CFS is establishing a campus at a site in Devens, MA. This campus will be home to the birthplace of commercial fusion energy and include manufacturing facilities, a research facility, and CFS corporate offices. Our SPARC facility will be home to a compact fusion device that will prove fusion can work as a commercial energy source for the first time in history. This device is not a power plant, but will pave the way for the first fusion power plant. Our advanced manufacturing facilities will build components for this fusion device as well as components for future fusion power plants. This campus will create hundreds of jobs, attract global interest, and bring new economic development to the Devens area. 

If you are interested in joining the CFS team, visit our Careers Page and get in touch. 

What's There Now

This 47-acre site at 111 Hospital Road in Devens was formerly army housing and is now an empty brownfield site that has been cleaned up and prepared for development. The site is co-located next to an electricity sub-station and surrounded by undeveloped land. It has been designated an innovation technology business district – a designation designed to encourage exactly this type of new technology development.

What's Happening Next

CFS has moved into its new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility. Progress also continues on our SPARC facility, which is still on track to be operational in 2025.

Fusion...