Completion of our new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility

CFS has moved into its new Devens corporate headquarters which includes a 165,000 square foot manufacturing facility. This is where will build our high temperature superconducting magnets for SPARC, our commercially-relevant net energy from fusion device. SPARC construction is also progressing quickly and we are still on track for operations to start in 2025.

New Construction Photo of Manufacturing Facility

Construction is well underway on our manufacturing facility in Devens. In this facility, CFS will manufacture fusion magnets, the key component of our commercially relevant net energy device, called SPARC, under construction next door. After SPARC, this facility will have the capabilities to manufacture magnets for fusion power plants around the world.

CFS Selects Site in Devens, Mass., for Historic Fusion Energy Campus

On March 3, 2021, CFS announced the selection of Devens, MA as the site of CFS’ new 47-acre commercial fusion energy campus.

“This campus is an important milestone in our mission to commercialize fusion energy and combat climate change. This will be the site where we harness fusion and prove it can work as a clean, limitless power source for the first time in history,” says CFS CEO Bob Mumgaard.

To read more information about the site selection and next steps, read the full press release here.

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