Common Boston's Common Build

Online voting has begun!!!

View the project summaries and pics in the "Final Team Projects" tab at the top, and vote for your favorite in the right hand column! Best of luck to all our teams!!!

Install complete!

Check out these five great installations, all completed in under 72 hours... Coming up next: our lonline vote for your favorites. Stay tuned!


In the final stretch

We're just a few hours from the noon deadline for final installation of the Common Build projectsQ The jury tour will officially take place at 1pm today., though the Common Boston crew will be on site beforehand. Look forward to seeing what was created, best of luck in the final stretch to our teams!


Here's a preview of one project, what could it be??

24 hours to go!!!

With just 24 hours left in the design-build process, we can't wait to see what our teams develop! We checked with Team MassArt, who gave us a peak at their process, below. Join us tomorrow at noon when the projects will be complete and installed, and don't forget our jury tour at 1pm! Just 24 hours to go!!!


Kickoff presentation

Please find the kickoff presentation attached here



Some important contact info is below... Best of luck and feel free to reach out with any questions!


Common Boston
Kevin, 267-847-8196
Valerie, 619-987-9060


Sponsor web links and contacts

CBCB14 Kickoff!

We have a great crowd for the kickofff at the BSA, and everyone is excited to get started!


Without further delay, announcing our competition site, Magazine Beach! 


Location on Google Maps

History of Magazine Beach


Some brief info, from Cathie Zusy from the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association:

  • Did you know Olmstead once worked on the landscape, and it was once an island?
  • The water was so polluted, they installed a treament facility on site. It's helped to clean up the Charles River and transform it to the public amenity it is today.
  • It's been threatened by development, including the Inner Belt project from the 50's. Also plans for a hospital, a loab, a stadium and more.
  • Magazine beach welcome artists and designers to interpret its history  with onsite installations.

Excited to see what comes of the competition this year. Good luck to our teams!!!