community review
Phase Community Review

What's in the Works

Cleveland Public Library is transforming a series of open lots near the current library building into a vibrant new community library branch. The proposed Rockport Branch will be a library of the future while respecting the history of the Bellaire-Puritas area.


It is recommended that a new larger branch be built on the undeveloped greenspace at the corner of Puritas and 140th Street. A new, larger branch located at the corner of the site would create prominent visibility for the library and contribute to a new gateway to the 140th street education corridor. The size and location of the site as well as the heavy use of this branch set it up to become a new Community Hub

What's There Now

The site is currently vacant (the corner of Puritas and West 140th).


This branch is on an excellent site but the building’s design and placement does not take advantage of the prominence it provides. Located at the north end of the site with parking and undeveloped greenspace fronting the south edge the building has poor visibility from Puritas. While one of the highest circulating branches in the system the building has no dedicated meeting rooms after the creation of a new teen space, limiting its use for the community. The building has multiple maintenance and accessibility issues. 

What's Happening Next

The project is in the construction phase. Please check the timeline for upcoming events. We invite you to... Read more...