community review
Phase Community Review

What's in the Works

Cleveland Public Library is transforming West Park Branch, which was created by the architecture firm Walker & Weeks in 1928, into a vibrant, fully renovated community library. West Park Branch will be a library of the future that respects the historical nature of the building and the neighborhood.


It is recommended that this branch be substantially renovated, including demolition of the 1970’s addition with a new addition of similar size built in its place. The historic building could be retained with the addition of an elevator to access the lower level. Reopening the original entry and removing dropped ceilings to reclaim the historic vaulted ceilings would create a dramatic entry sequence with a more public face. Site work would focus on improving connection to Lorain and the YMCA site as well as adding parking, potentially with a remote lot across Silsby.

What's There Now

The site is currently the modified English Tudor library building.


This branch is one of three branch buildings designed by renowned Cleveland architects Walker & Weeks. The historic building is unique and retains its historic character with most of the envelope, with the exception of the roof, in good condition. The location of much of the program area in the lower level with no elevator creates significant accessibility problems. The location on the site as well as changes made when an addition was built in 1978 limit the building’s visibility from the street as well as sightlines within. West Park is well used with the highest circulation numbers in the system and should remain a Community... Read more...