Central District at Crystal City

Arlington, VA
A future place to shop, live and gather in the heart of Crystal City.
Owner & Developer
Community Review
120,000 SF
Open Space
Public Plaza
Movie Theater
Alamo Drafthouse
  • Proposed Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Opening

  • Proposed Construction Start

  • Arlington County Board Hearing

    The Arlington County Board will be hosting a hearing for the Central District Retail project at 2100 Clarendon Blvd (on the 3rd floor of the Ellen M. Bozeman Government Center).

  • Site Plan Review Committee #3

    Courthouse Plaza, Conference Room 715

  • Open House: Crystal City Block Plan “G”/ Metro Market Square

    241 18th Street S - 11th Floor - Learn more and give feedback on potential open space in the heart of Crystal City, known as Metro Market Square; one element within the proposed Block Plan “G”.

  • Site Plan Review Committee #2

  • Site Plan Review Committee #1