Crystal Park

Located at the southeast corner of Crystal City, Crystal Park serves as a true gateway park for those entering the neighborhood from Potomac Yard. The 38,000 SF park could feature active recreation as outlined by the Sector Plan to include a basketball court, volleyball court, and planting berm as well as an entry plaza with art/sculpture, tree bosque, seating and outdoor dining. 

23rd Street Plaza

Depending on future redevelopment of the site, a permanent park space will be created along 23rd Street at the Clark-Bell extension. The Sector Plan imagines the area may be an 'active plaza', which will link surrounding buildings and streetscapes as a flexible outdoor entryway. The proximity of this park to the western edge of the neighborhood will likely make this a popular destination for residents in the adjacent Aurora Highlands community. The park is anticipated to be 13,000 SF with the potential for active amenity zones, retail, and small gathering spaces. 

Center Park

The Sector Plan envisions that Center Park will be a focal point of the neighborhood as a large, civic space. Due to an existing building on the site, the full park will be delivered in phases; a 45,000 SF easement for the first phase was approved as part of the Crystal City PDSP. The location and context of the first portion of the park suggests that this space may function as a nature park and place for passive recreation and relaxation. The abundance of office space in the adjacent towers fosters the opportunity to create a lush and relaxing oasis. Cafe-style seating, seat walls, and gaming areas are a few ideas to encourage those to unwind in the space.

Metro Market Square

Metro Market Square Park will be a 43,900 SF park that is identified in the Sector Plan as a primary center of retail activity and a space to celebrate the second Metro entrance. Due to grade changes, the site may be thought of as three interconnected parks bridging the space between the existing Crystal City Metro Station at the intersection of 18th Street and Clark/Bell and the proposed east Metro entrance entrance along Crystal Drive. providing users with a more verdant and experiential journey through the site. Some ideas to consider for the space are a water feature, and outdoor cafe-style seating in the retail square.

Gateway Park

The Sector Plan envisions a transformation of the existing 55,000 SF park at the corner of Crystal Drive and 12th Street, at the south end of the Long Bridge Park esplanade. The potential added features such as a dog park, viewing gardens, and promenade paths support the concept of a more neighborhood focused park space in an area with a great deal of residential density in Crystal City. The reimagining of the space will intend to enhance connections to surrounding land uses while strengthening buffers that create a place of serenity.