Thank you for visiting our community engagement website for the Crystal City Parks project. We are using this platform to share information and updates on the project as well as to collect feedback, ideas, and questions to help shape a collaborative vision for these community parks. We aim to keep you 'in the know' and hear what you have to say!

Crystal City Parks and Open Space Framework

JBG SMITH is currently working with Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects to transform the public realm of Crystal City. As a part of this change, 5 parks: Crystal Park, 23rd Street Plaza, Metro Market Park, Center Park and Gateway Park will be undergoing redevelopment. With the arrival of Amazon HQ2 as a new anchor tenant, there has never been a more important juncture to consider open space redevelopment for Crystal City as the area experiences continued investment and growth. The plan intends to create a network of parks that will bolster the vibrancy and quality of urban life to better serve the community

With the help of the Crystal City BID, JBG SMITH aims to engage the community as a part of this process by hosting two open space community engagement meetings in the coming months. In the meantime, we encourage you to share insight into your experiences and thoughts on the five parks below.


These five parks are well on their way to becoming a reality. As part of the Central District Retail project approved in 2017, a 43,900 SF easement for Metro Market square has been granted to the county, with a funding commitment from JBG SMITH for the design process. As part of the Crystal City Phased Development Site Plan (PDSP) approval in March of 2020, JBG SMITH committed to providing a 45,000 SF easement for Center Park, providing a fee dedication of 55,400 SF of Gateway Park, and funding the design processes for these parks. The PDSP has set an innovative precedent for a consideration of community... Read more...