Devens Super Town Meeting 2016

planning-zoning Devens Region: Ayer - Harvard - Shirley

The Proposal 

MassDevelopment is proposing to rezone 32.7 acres of residential land in the vicinity of Beech and Plum Streets for Innovation and Technology Business (ITB) uses. This rezoning would create a large, marketable development site suitable for office, industrial, and research and development uses.

Project Significance 

The proposed change, in conjunction with adjacent land already zoned ITB, would create a 40+ acre commercial development site—by far the largest commercial development site currently available at Devens. This would meet the needs of modern manufacturing and research and development users, many of whom are looking specifically for large, “campus-like” sites.

Project History 

The Towns of Ayer and Shirley supported a similar rezoning proposal at a June 2015 Super Town Meeting. The Town of Harvard, citing valid concerns that the proposed language would have allowed for an undesirable mix of uses, voted the question down. In response to these concerns, the zoning language has been revised to clarify that the rezoned land will be zoned for Innovation and Technology Business uses only. Additionally, the proposed changes have been more accurately delineated on the zoning map, allowing for the use of more precise acreages in the text of the zoning change.