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I support Mainline Development proposal and its' Community Benefits plan

As a Roxbury resident and co-founder of the John Eliot Square Neighborhood Association in Highland Park, I support the Mainline Dev'p for the following reasons:

a) it creates opportunity...

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Well said, Kai. Mainline does have the best proposal for our neighborhood which is why it is the plan I support. 

Values and Priorities

I support Mainline development for several reasons.  I am a 45 year resident and have seen developers come and sprint out of this neighborhood-- profits and departure. I'm tired of that.


1)...

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Placetailor makes a positive impact already in the community..Let them continue..

Their designs and environmentally sound developments have added  a great look to the historic Fort Hill area...And their collaborative work with YouthBuilds directly impacts youth in the community. 

Another...

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There's already a dunkin' at Dudley, we don't need another — that's for sure 

Site sensitivity

To me the only project that addresses the site with any real care is the Mainline dev'p proposal.  Its is scaled to the street but the contrast of volumes and openings give the perception of a... Read more...

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Go with Mainline/Placetailor

• Best Residential Use: Homeownership, 27 units, 13 affordable, and energy efficient for lowered bills
• Best Retail Space Use: Inexpensive commercial co-work space for small businesses... Read more...

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What is the point of our feedback?

What is the point of our feedback if not one person from the community supported the Waldwin project that was ultimately chosen? How exactly does this forum serve our community??

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Feedback from the community is consistent and clear.   There is no substantive support for the Waldwin proposal.  


Will this mayor's staff once again ignore input...

I support mainline

i support the mainline project. As a longtime fort hill resident this plan is what the neighborhood needs. Definently do not need a Dunkin donuts or other useless business there. 

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Resident/Homeowner on Kenilworth St.

I am in support of Placetailor/Mainline Development as it supports the community's visions in more ways than one. Sorry, just not in favor of a Dunkin Donuts at my front or back door.

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3 strong Archer Bonell (AB) proposals , 1 less good than the others

I am disappointed by the Waldwin proposal compared to the others because:


1. INEFFICIENT SITE DEVELOPMENT. Waldwin secured the adjacent Gately parcel, but it will be developed... Read more...

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Three strong proposals, one rises to the top

Each of the three Archer Bonnell developers has a solid concept and community track record.  What sets the proposals apart are distinct differences in design, housing affordability, business and... Read more...

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Feedback sought? Seriously?

Input from the community has been consistent and clear.  There is no substantive support for the Waldwin proposal.  


Will DND once again ignore the preferences of Roxbury's... Read more...

Design, Energy Efficiency, & Culture Should Be the Criteria

All three proposals would rejuvenate empty lots, but the better designed and energy efficient proposals of Placetailor (Mainline) and Urbanica add much more value to the Dudley Square area.  Placetailor... Read more...

Can this be built for this price?

Mainline Project does not seem to make economic sense in price to build and sell. Probably not able to be financed as the cost of construction seems too low, smaller units seem too small.

Urbanica and Discover Roxbury Collaboration is the Winning Bid!

I support Urbanica’s bid because the collaborative deal with Discover Roxbury is the most creative and proven use of retail space in our neighborhood. Frankly, we don’t need another Dunkin... Read more...

Mainline proposal best

Having studied carefully again all 3 proposals, and based on my experience with 2 of the 3,  I am clearly in favor of Mainline:  we need more 21st century designs regarding energy conservation,... Read more...

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