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How would you describe the future use you envision for the DotGreenway?

A safe, convenient, and beautiful way to walk or bike through the neighborhood, particularly to and from T stations, much like the Community Path in Somerville and Cambridge.

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Thanks for the feedback Charles -- are there any specific features do you enjoy about the community path in Somerville and Cambridge?

I'm not Charles but I can say a few specific things I like about the Somerville Community Path: <br><br>- well-lit, clean, and safe<br>- well-maintained surface so it's easy to ride a bike or push a stroller<br>-... Read more...

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I also like the raised crossings at many of the cross streets. These crossings are well marked and level with the path, forcing drivers on the cross streets to slow down to go over the raised crosswalk.... Read more...

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Totally Agree! Especially on some of the busier streets (like Centre). Let's make these real neighborhood streets, not speedy cut throughs!

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