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What's in the Works

For several years, Greater Ashmont Main Street has had an organizational goal of connecting parts of the business district in a pedestrian- and bike-friendly manner by creating a greenway along Dorchester's Red Line tunnel cap. Other community partners were also excited by this opportunity, and the groups are now working together to make the greenway a reality with community support and feedback. To stay updated on the project, make sure to hit the "Follow" button on this page.

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Project Goals

  1. Connect people to people
  2. Connect people to mass transit
  3. Connect people to local goods and services
  4. Provide a safe recreation space for walkers and cyclists
  5. Express the historic and distinctive qualities of Dorchester
  6. Provide opportunities for community engagement and active programming

What's There Now

Right now, the tunnel cap has been paved as a pedestrian walkway outside the Shawmut station from Centre Street to Melville Avenue as part of the renovation of the Shawmut station by the MBTA. A devoted group of Melville Park area residents have maintained native plant garden beds in that area as well for many years, as part of the Shawmut Gardens project. The remainder of the tunnel cap is fenced off from public access.

What's Happening Next

We are working with civic organizations, city departments, and our partners to gather feedback and ideas about the project with hopes to develop a concrete plan for moving forward with design and construction after community approval. We want to hear from you! Please share your thoughts in the Comments section.

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