Any questions or suggestions about the Downtown Taunton redesign concepts?
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Weir Street should have a bike lane that connects the Downtown to the Weir Village. The Complete Streets Prioritization Plan has a bike lane from Weir Village fire station to the Bow Street intersection.... Read more

It would be great if the pathway along the river was expanded.

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Especially if it I’ll be expanded all the way up to Summer Street. Add this into the plans for the city hall construction. If people can access this directly from the downtown it will become a much more... Read more

Additionally, there is a need for a small boat launch at this park. Kayak racks would be a welcome addition. Currently large fallen trees block passage for small canoes and kayaks from the Mill River Park... Read more

Well I suppose there must have been some force of nature at work to explain the differences in our experiences. But if it’s nice now do it up

The Mill River needs to be cleaned. I saw a mattress and a shopping cart in there over the winter. I'm pretty sure it was along the park behind the YMCA.


The area located directly in front of DeVitos, which is currently paved needs to be closed off creating a space either at the same level as sidewalk or lower. In addition to providing a green space for... Read more

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Totally agree, the concept laid out in the master plan is certainly the way the Green should be laid out in the future.

I don't think making the green two-way would be safe. I do think that area needs to be closed in with green or a raised area because all the traffic coming in goes over that and creates confusion. Also... Read more

making the streets two way makes 1000% sense!! if there are traffic lights how will it be less safe? also the speed limit will be low because the foot traffic and bike traffic will come back which in turn... Read more


There are two lanes that are supposed to go straight here (regarding sign that says "Thru traffic forms two lanes), but the pattern makes it seem like the left one needs to turn left onto School St, causing... Read more

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This! Because the majority of drivers believe the middle lane is to go through the lights and make anleft on school it adds to the backup at those lights

It's my understanding you aren't supposed to change lanes in an intersection. By "merging" you are changing lanes, therefore, one lane goes straight, one lane goes down School St.


The aesthetic of the post office is amazing and under-appreciated.

Weir Street is bustling on weekend nights! Infrastructure improvements in this area would be extremely beneficial

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I totally agree as business owners on Weir St over the last several years have made significant investments to a corridor which previously was not all that favorable to frequent in particular in the evening,... Read more


There’s a very small vacant storefront here that is extremely visible. This small space should be a priority to be filled as soon as possible.

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As a temp fix -- could fill the window with a display board -- like picture print outs of Taunton events throughout the year (etc.) -- something visually appealing that builds community until the space... Read more

The Hughes-Donahue Gallery was interested in this space, but it was difficult to determine who owns the space, and what would be the rent. However there is no indication on the Assessor's Maps that there... Read more


Let’s see more business like restaurants, ice cream store, bakeries, cafes, outdoor sitting to bring people out into downtown for an evening by the green with artists craft and family to enjoy. Venues... Read more

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I could be wrong but I don’t believe city ordinances currently allow outdoor seating for downtown restaurants - the rules need to be changed, or wider sidewalks need to be in place where they will be replaced... Read more

Hi Farzana, these are great ideas. We would love to have a sense of what kinds of restaurants people are looking for. The plan will include strategies for how to fill in some of the vacant properties... Read more

Most of those ideas are great. Different ethnic restaurants yes, restaurants/cafes in general, no. There are over a dozen restaurants/cafes in the downtown area already, most of which have the same thing... Read more


Should have room for local restaurants to have outside seating

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How many restaurants can Taunton and the region support? Isn't there a poor success rate? Do we need ...what if we used a space for pop ups or kiosk of start ups so that people could get a feel for what... Read more

Hi Janet! This is a great idea. We are thinking about pop up spaces that might work in vacant storefronts and in the vacant Liberty & Union Plaza. It's a wonderful way to keep people interested in what... Read more


The roadway directly in front of the Post Office should be closed off to vehicles, with traffic route redirected around building, so as to provide an open space between Green & PO steps which could serve... Read more

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