Downtown Taunton Plan Complete!

Thank you again to everyone who helped us to pull together this plan for Downtown Taunton. We couldn't have done it without your input. The plan is now complete and posted here! We hope to see many of the ideas in this plan realized in the near future!

Draft Plan Coming Soon!

Thank you everyone for your comments and feedback! Your input has been incredibly helpful.

We are currently working to draft the downtown plan and hope to have it available for early Fall!

Thank you and Design Survey Closing this Week!

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Downtown Open House on May 30th. It was a great event and we got some really good feedback. If you did not have a chance to join us, you can see the boards that we discussed here.

Our design survey will be closed down at the end of this week so make sure to take it before then!

>> Take the Downtown Design Survey

Join us tomorrow for the Downtown Taunton Plan Open House!

Join us tomorrow, May 30th, for an Open House style meeting where we will be asking for your feedback. There will be a very brief presentation followed by interactive activities designed to give you a chance to ask questions and to learn more about the project. Help inform the design of the Liberty & Union Plaza, downtown riverfront area, and learn more about the downtown financial analysis that we have undertaken. The Open House begins at 6:30 PM at the Trescott Street Gallery.

See you tomorrow May 13th at Taunton Creates!

We will be at the Taunton Creates Festival tomorrow, May 13th asking for your input! Hope to see you there!

May 30th Open House! Taunton Creates Event Cancelled Due to Rain!

Unfortunately the Taunton Creates Festival has been cancelled this Saturday due to forecasted rain. We are currently working to confirm if the event will be re-scheduled and will send out more information once we have it. In the meantime, do plan to join us on May 30th for an Open House style meeting where we will be asking for your feedback. There will be a brief presentation followed by interactive activities designed to give you a chance to ask questions and to learn more about the analysis that we have done so far. Join us at 6:30 PM at the Trescott Street Gallery.

In the meantime, don't forget to take our design survey.

>> Take the new Downtown Design Survey

New design survey!

Thanks again to everyone for your feedback on the map! Your ideas are helping to shape a better Downtown Taunton.

>> Take the new Downtown Design Survey

We're starting a new survey today to get your feedback on specific design suggestions downtown — like the use of public space, pedestrian and bike safety, and your favorite kinds of community events. We also have specific questions related to the Liberty & Union Plaza and the area along the Mill River. Take a few moments to answer the questions, and please share with your neighbors.

The Downtown Taunton Team!

Thank you to everyone who has posted on the Downtown Taunton map so far. We have heard some great ideas and we hope to continue to get more and more feedback. Occasionally, you will see responses to your comments from the Downtown Taunton Team. The team responding to these comments and working on this project includes over,under, RKG, and MassDevelopment.  

We are working on a survey that we hope to have available on the website within the next two weeks, but in the meantime keep on posting on that map!  

Welcome to the Downtown Taunton Plan!

The City of Taunton has been working over the last ten years to revitalize the downtown. They have implemented infrastructure improvements along Main Street, added new parks, supported affordable housing development, and enhanced the existing streetscape. In addition to the City, a number of Downtown organizations have also contributed greatly to these efforts. These organizations include the Taunton BID (Business Improvement District) and Downtown Taunton Foundation.

Through previous planning, some challenges to downtown revitalization have been identified. These include vacant buildings and spaces, the lack of market rate housing in and around the downtown, a perception that the downtown is not safe, and a lack of streamlined permitting for new development. This plan aims to add design solutions and provide strategies to help address some of these issues and to bring more activity to the downtown area. We are particularly focused on examining publicly owned land along the riverfront and behind the current City Hall development, the vacant Liberty & Union Plaza site as well as general streetscape improvements along Main Street that can facilitate a more walkable and aesthetically pleasing downtown. We are also exploring strategies for filling some of the vacant spaces and attracting more investment to downtown Taunton.

We will be building on the public feedback that the City has been hearing through their ongoing Master Planning process and will also be posting opportunities on this page to collect additional feedback.

Look out for us in May at the Taunton Creates public art festival where we will be looking for your feedback and we will hold a public meeting in June of 2018. Be sure to add ideas for downtown improvement to the interactive map.