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Phase Community Review

City of Atlanta City of Decatur

In partnership with the Cities of Atlanta and Decatur

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What's in the Works

In February 2017, the Atlanta Regional Commission awarded MARTA, in partnership with the City of Decatur and City of Atlanta, $100,000 for a Livable Centers Initiative Study to develop a conceptual plan for development at the East Lake Station and pedestrian and bicycle connections to the surrounding neighborhoods. This is one of MARTA’s lowest utilized stations, ranking 35th out of 38 in average weekday entries. Objectives for the study include optimizing utilization of the station by improving last mile connectivity and station access as well as establishing a framework for the implementation of development in accordance with MARTA's adopted TOD Guidelines and Policies. 

What's There Now

The project area focuses on the approximate 8-acre East Lake MARTA Station and encompasses approximately a ½-mile radius around the station, including properties in three different jurisdictions: the City of Decatur, City of Atlanta, and unincorporated DeKalb County. The East Lake MARTA Station has approximately 1,100 daily entries, and is one of the lowest utilized stations in the transit system. There are 621 parking spaces between the north and south parking lots with approximately 39% parking utilization rate. The study area is presently developed with a commercial corridor... Read more...