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Update #5

Next Phase of Community Engagement

Hello Old Town community,

We are pleased to announce our next phase of community engagement on the website regarding the development of several parcels of land throughout Old Town. Your participation in our community engagement process has been incredibly insightful and a testament to how active and invested the Old Town community is in their neighborhood (over 10,000 page views with nearly 1,500 direct comments).

Since the start of this process, we have committed to creating a conversation around reimagining several parcels of land that would otherwise be developed on their own. We believe in taking a more holistic approach - one that is informed by the community in order to create a more cohesive and thoughtful plan. We believe this will result in unlocking community benefits that can only happen in this collaborative effort and a final set of outcomes that better respect Old Town’s history. In this spirit, over the next few weeks, you will have an opportunity to provide your feedback on these parcels as part of this next round of engagement.

Each week, we will focus on one specific property and you will have the opportunity to answer a series of questions about that one parcel. These questions will challenge you to think about the properties as they currently exist, what you see as their best use, what new opportunities you may want to pursue, and more. We hope that this allows you to give us thoughtful feedback about the benefits and opportunities that each individual property could bring to Old Town.

The first set of questions, posted today, Tuesday January 18th, will focus on the Shell Gas Station parcel, and will be live for one week. The following week, we will transition to a new parcel that will be featured and you will be able to answer the questions relating to that week’s highlighted parcel.

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas. We sincerely appreciate your time and feedback. 

Thank you, 

Nick Anderson and Mike Ellch