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Update #7

North Avenue and LaSalle Drive Parking Lot Update

Hello Old Town residents and stakeholders,

Thank you again for ongoing interest in our holistic conversations about the future of the North and LaSalle corridor. Your thoughts and ideas on the best uses for the Shell gas station and Treasure Island parcels have been informative and insightful.

This week, we are looking for feedback on the parking lot at the northwest corner of North Avenue and LaSalle Drive. As you may or may not know, this parking lot is owned and operated exclusively by the Moody Church.

We feel that it’s important to be clear that we are seeking feedback on the surface parking lot ONLY and that we have no plans or interest in any existing Moody Church building, most importantly, including their truly irreplaceable and historic sanctuary. We look forward to gathering your feedback on the current or potential uses for the surface parking lot at the northwest corner of North and LaSalle.

Thank you, as always, for your time.


Nick Anderson and Mike Ellch

Fern Hill