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Bike/pedestrian crossing at route 2, so people can easily travel to both sides of town, especially school aged kids riding their bikes.

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Thanks for the idea about crossing Rte. 2. This also came up at the May 31st planning event.

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It would be nice if the crossing was part of the extension of the Reformatory Branch trail. That would reduce the need to create designated bike lanes on already crowded streets, and provide a more pleasant... Read more

Extending the Minuteman Rail Trail from the Concord/Bedford line to connect with the Bruce Freeman Rail trail near the reformatory is a great idea. Mr. Johnson is right, it would be a safe, quick alternative... Read more

Some kind of shuttle all over Concord so people dont have to drive their car for a short trip or kids can have another option besides being driven.

A bus between Acton's business areas, Concord and West Concord would be a great way of getting rid of 1 of 2 cars in a family. Specially because you can bike in the summer, but not in the winter...

While the winter can be cold, cleared bike paths are useable 95% of the year.

There are many neighborhoods without bike path or sidewalks so there is no way to bike during the winter..

The original message in this thread was about a shuttle around Concord. Safe bike paths are important, too, but it need not be either or, since different individuals have different needs,

As this is about "envisioning" the future for your grandkids, it seems like both would be fantastic!

to Josh:
That is what I said.
It is not either or.
My comment was about the overall discussion, and not in direct response to you-- though I don't know where 'my' (non existent) grandkids come... Read more

Super. I agree with you. I don't have grandkids, but in 13 years, its possible. :) Josh

And I don't think we are envisioning for grandchildren but for all residents. We need to make the town accessible for people with mobility issues.

Continue to increase access to the West Concord waterfront through trails, interpretive features, picnic spots or boat launches/fishing piers, but maintain natural aesthetic.

What can Concord do to honor its history and culture?

Add a bike lane or sidewalk on Harrington Ave. Even having Marshalls Farm where many neighbors could ealk, they have to drive because Harrington Ave is a very dangerous road. Commuters drive at crazy speeds... Read more

A sidewalk on Harrington is a great idea. The Thoreau School road race goes up Harrington and it's a scary part of the run - so narrow and curvy without a good shoulder. Also there are so many acciidents... Read more

I beg that the town builds a walkway or path to keep pedestrians safe. Truthfully, there is no safe way to get from Harrington Ave neighborhood to downtown West Concord. Think about a mother pushing a... Read more

Place a annual cap on the number of properties purchased by developers. Developers are slowly eating away at town character with outsized McMansions - all in the name of profit.

Joseph: The term "town character", so widely used in surveys , town meeting, etc, is a misnomer in my opinion. It is a term that can easily be dismissed as subjective and vague. I have encouraged that... Read more

The consultant mentioned this idea of dismantling the term "town character" at the CLRPC's Sept. 22 meeting. However, she proposed to re-appropriate it to defining a different town character- to which... Read more

Closed door meetings with private interests and with town management staff have inappropriately derailed this public process, which the CLRPC, a public body, not consultant, is supposed to "lead." Please... Read more

It seems my comment here about survey problem Q 22 has been removed. Check: I also wrote about the consultant agreeing with me... Read more

to support team: Thank you for re-instating my comment above, which you indicated to me was reviewed because of "sentiment value." As I wrote in response, sentiment is an important part of public dialogue,... Read more

Even though I do not like to use the phrase "town character" and even though I do not think there can legally be a way to limit property purchases by developers or anyone else, I decided to support Joseph's... Read more

Thanks Tanya. I agree, town character can be somewhat nebulous and different for different people. For me, it's a mosaic - historical structures, an engaged community, thriving local business, tree density,... Read more

An analysis of the survey the Tree Preservation Subcommittee conducted in 2016:

Concord Center, seems to be losing its vitality as shops close.

A significant way to address this is to make the center itself an experience. Walking, lingering, having commodious places to sit,... Read more

Our economy thrives on vibrant downtown areas. We may need to think creatively about the business interests that provide so much to our community.

We need to support businesses that provide for the health and well being of Concord residents and promote sustainability. Is the tax base the reason why senior town management seems to sometime favor... Read more

Make Downtown Concord free parking to encourage walk in traffic is what is lacking now.

Ask the Select Board to communicate with the retailers find out how to support them.

I like the idea of Vibrant experience, and tables outside, but worry that parking is already very, very limited. Taking away parking won't help.

Add a pedestrian bridge over the Assabet River connecting the Baker Ave business parks to West Concord Village. Our 2010 Master Plan recommended such a bridge. After reading GPI's feasibility study provided...

Absolutely, w c task force also recommended this bridge as well as widening with cantilevered walk tge rt 62 bridge for pedestrians. Winter plowing makes it alist impassable.

I strongly support this idea, but I think that it would make more sense to build it as part of a longer multi-use trail between West Concord and Concord Center. Rt 2 is an obstacle, but for now we could... Read more

Love the fact that the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is happening! Would LOVE it if there was some way to connect it with the trail from Concord center to Bedford...

I agree that we could connect the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail to the Minuteman Trail. Safe bikeways for commuters are a valuable resource. Before I retired I commuted from Concord to Hanscom AFB by bike... Read more

Over 200 households could use a ped-activated crosswalk in order to access Willard, Sanborn, Peabody, and the Bruce Freeman RT.

Great idea. Traffic visibility is limited there was one pedestrian fatality in this area 20 years ago or so. A smart crossing would make it safer.

Need to think about the future of retail in our two/three town centers. The retail environment no longer supports small local retailers very well and I am not sure it will in the future. A vibrant town... Read more

I agree with your assessment that small local retailers are at risk in the future. I personally hope retailers/ restaurants continue to be part of the mix in Concord - I support them with my shopping and... Read more

I was reading the paper this morn and found an article about what homebuyers are looking for in a suburban experience - it might align with what some of us existing homeowners are looking for too. This... Read more

Re: Josh's comment, also a ped-activated crosswalk on Rt 62 at West St. would be great. It's a dangerous crosswalk and we could use some traffic-calming in that approach to W. Concord.

Complete Streets

Adopt complete street policies that create access to safe, comfortable and healthy multimodal transportation options including walking, bicycling and transit. Multimodal transportation should link Concord's... Read more

Protect neighborhood integrity by limiting tear-downs, enforcing house-size to lot size limitations and requiring clear disclosure of buyers identity.

Provide a pedestrian bridge to connect Cousins Park with Harrington Park. This would have a huge impact in connecting the two neighborhoods.

This would certainly benefit the neighborhood surrounding Marshall Farms. Thoreau and Cousins Park are right behind Marshall Farms, the neighborhoods surrounding the farm are full of and many kids that... Read more

I think it makes a lot of sense. Our two main options for crossing the river are Main St. to the west and Pine St. to the east. In the middle is a vibrant hub of Thoreau Elementary and two strong neighborhoods... Read more

I have two young kids on that side of West Concord who will be eventually going to Thoreau... I want them to be active and consider biking to school but would be extremely nervous about them biking on... Read more

and a sidewalk along Harrington Ave would be nice - especially if there were a bridge connecting the two areas - then kids could bike safely along that section of road to the bridge...

I beg that the town builds a walkway or path to keep pedestrians safe. Truthfully, there is no safe way to get from Harrington Ave neighborhood to downtown West Concord. Think about a mother pushing a... Read more

Concord does own both pieces of land! The north side is Cousins Park, and the other side is Harrington Park. I think it makes sense to connect the two. I think Harrington Park would get a lot more use... Read more

There are stunning numbers of kids who drive to CCHS. The car parking should be limited and expensive. We need multitudes of bike racks, scooter racks. We could collaborate with HubWay of other organizations... Read more

I have another suggestion here - Juniors and Seniors should have to earn a number of "green credits" to graduate. They can get these by riding the bus, biking/walking, carpooling or using electric vehicles.... Read more

in my experience, forcing people to do something often creates resentment.

I note that since meters were installed on Thoreau Street near Main Street, there are many more spaces available when I need one.

Responding to the concern about creating resentment by "forcing" students to earn green credits... CCHS already has a public service graduation requirement, and I don't think that's created resentment... Read more

What can Concord do to honor its history and culture?

I think that one of the best ways for Concord to honor its history and culture is to follow in the steps of the transcendentalist writers and activists who were among its earliest community leaders. People... Read more

Thank you, Bob. I do not know what instance you have in mind with regards to natural preservation conflicting with historic character issues, but one thing for sure: natural preservation is important for... Read more

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