1. Cultural + Historic Resources
What can Concord do to better honor its history and culture?
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Bike/pedestrian crossing at route 2, so people can easily travel to both sides of town, especially school aged kids riding their bikes.

Continue to increase access to the West Concord waterfront through trails, interpretive features, picnic spots or boat launches/fishing piers, but maintain natural aesthetic.

What can Concord do to honor its history and culture?

Add a bike lane or sidewalk on Harrington Ave. Even having Marshalls Farm where many neighbors could ealk, they have to drive because Harrington Ave is a very dangerous road. Commuters drive at crazy speeds... Read more

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A sidewalk on Harrington is a great idea. The Thoreau School road race goes up Harrington and it's a scary part of the run - so narrow and curvy without a good shoulder. Also there are so many acciidents... Read more


Over 200 households could use a ped-activated crosswalk in order to access Willard, Sanborn, Peabody, and the Bruce Freeman RT.

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Great idea. Traffic visibility is limited there was one pedestrian fatality in this area 20 years ago or so. A smart crossing would make it safer.

Need to think about the future of retail in our two/three town centers. The retail environment no longer supports small local retailers very well and I am not sure it will in the future. A vibrant town... Read more

I agree with your assessment that small local retailers are at risk in the future. I personally hope retailers/ restaurants continue to be part of the mix in Concord - I support them with my shopping and... Read more

I was reading the paper this morn and found an article about what homebuyers are looking for in a suburban experience - it might align with what some of us existing homeowners are looking for too. This... Read more


Complete Streets

Adopt complete street policies that create access to safe, comfortable and healthy multimodal transportation options including walking, bicycling and transit. Multimodal transportation should link Concord's... Read more

Look at creative ways to reuse the remediated landfill at CCHS for recreation. A variety of potential uses have been suggested already. Let's study the options and be in a position to move forward when... Read more

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Land uses that are compatible with environmental improvement such as composting or providing school bus parking closer to CCHS and thereby reducing diesel fuel use by simplifying / reducing total bus miles... Read more

I disagree. CCHS is not the nexus of transportation. The high school students use the buses the least of all students. I think there plenty of creative solutions for parking the buses. I like the idea... Read more

Parking buses under solar panels helps reduce operating costs by reducing snow and early morning window frost removal work in winter and keeping the buses dry and out of the sun the rest of the year.


Place a annual cap on the number of properties purchased by developers. Developers are slowly eating away at town character with outsized McMansions - all in the name of profit.

Protect neighborhood integrity by limiting tear-downs, enforcing house-size to lot size limitations and requiring clear disclosure of buyers identity.

Provide a pedestrian bridge to connect Cousins Park with Harrington Park. This would have a huge impact in connecting the two neighborhoods.

There is no pedestrian-safe light cycle at this crossing. Pedestrians cross at the same time left turns are allowed for north bound traffic on Sudbury road that wants to turn left to Route 2 westbound.... Read more

Walden Woods and Walden Pond are national treasures, visited by over 600,000 people each year from around the globe. The former landfill site is in the heart of Walden Woods and should be protected from... Read more

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Land uses that are compatible with environmental improvement such as composting or providing school bus parking closer to CCHS and thereby reducing diesel fuel use by simplifying / reducing total bus miles... Read more

I agree, the current uses of the old landfill are valid ecologically sensitive uses of that site. Green space and conservation easements are not the universal solution.


Work with Musketaquid Sportmens Club to help provide continuous trail access around Kennedy's Pond & to Old Rifle Range from Thoreau Hills neighborhood.

Love the fact that the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is happening! Would LOVE it if there was some way to connect it with the trail from Concord center to Bedford...

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I agree that we could connect the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail to the Minuteman Trail. Safe bikeways for commuters are a valuable resource. Before I retired I commuted from Concord to Hanscom AFB by bike... Read more


Increase diversity

We need commercial development in multi use development zones to increase our tax base and connect these zones via multimodal transportation systems. Also we need to increase affordable housing so those... Read more

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