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Where and how do you think Concord can upgrade its sustainability practices?

Trees provide a number of important ecological and environmental services, as well as improve property values and "town character". But trees are experiencing increasing stress from road salt, infestations... Read more

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Excellent suggestion! Concord does have a Tree Preservation Sub Committee that sponsored our Tree preservation bylaw, passed at last year’s town meeting. The by-law is a start and can / should be expanded.... Read more

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The Tree-Preservation-Subcommittee was duly dissolved after Town-Meeting 2017. There have been delays in implementing the Tree Bylaw. It was sent late to the AG, in July. Was on town website in October.... Read more

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we should remember to include "wildlife preservation" along with the trees. Perhaps greater emphasis can be placed on "preserving habitat"

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if only more of us would consider trees and land as not something that is owned, but rather, something that is leased while we are on this earth, on that piece of property. Trees often outlive generations.... Read more

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Thank you for this comment Lydia. A similar perspective I have is that people usually consider ownership of trees (and their fates) an "individual right." What is often not recognized is that many peoples... Read more

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