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Are there common destinations you wish were more accessible without a car?

Yes a small bus that makes the rounds all day for those who do not want to drive or even have a car. West Concord, - Depot Area - Concord Center p Crosby's parking lot.

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trips to the MBTA depot locations in Concord and West Concord should be coordinated to coincide with the arrival/departure of inbound and outbound trains to integrate our local transit with metro area... Read more...

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Hi Mark, Yes I was thinking of a separate Commuter Parking lot that would be fenced in and guarded. Perhaps pay $1.00 for all day for computers to they would not be taking up valuable Town parking spaces.... Read more...

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West Concord, Concord center, especially crossing Rte 2 and connecting to the commuter rail.

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I think that parking "solution " isn't good at all. I never had a problem parking in the center and talking to others from Lexington, they always mentioned how easy parking is in Concord.

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Well I have been a Concord Retailer for 40 years. I am quoting what people tell me. When they get $20.. parking ticket they tell me they will never come back to this town again. Have you seen how many... Read more...