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Any other suggestions to make Concord a better place to live?

The Long Range Plan Committee should please post soon the plan drafts that its own chairs provided towards the final document, as well as committee member edits to these. This circulation of these materials... Read more...

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thank you for your updates along with the link to the AG's response; much appreciated

Such lack of transparency and availability of the long term plan as it is being developed often cause residents like myself to stay home from public meetings when they occur.

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In this case, there has been a mix of transparency and opacity, which is in some ways more complicated, because there is the "illusion" of transparency (which really is a form of additional opacity.) It... Read more...

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Yes, I hear you, and it isn't that simple. The committee is working hard. Where I lack some trust is where the developers have had too strong a thread in the process. Their desires are not always in the... Read more...