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What are the biggest mobility challenges?

Pedestrian bridges over route 9 to connect Shopper's World with the other side, and to connect Sherwood Plaza with the Natick Mall, would facilitate foot traffic, increase safety and help to reduce traffic... Read more

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Especially at the hotel locations. The crosswalk is a very long signal for good reason but does back up traffic. Most importantly, there are pedestrians trying to beat the light - not good.

Analyzing the existing pedestrian experience and exploring ways to improve this experience will be a part of this study. Thanks for your feedback!

You might want to consider using technology platforms like MotionLoft to study pedestrian traffic.

I want to second the walkability of the area - currently it's plain terrible. This is area with a lot of retail shopping/restaurants and could be a great area to visit, but as is it's just mall with a... Read more

Where are opportunities for improvement?

Younger generations are choosing to spend less and less of their disposable income on purchasing things. They'd rather experience-related purchases. We need start thinking to the future and develop areas... Read more

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This makes so much sense. We need more things to do in metrowest not more stores or more food or more apartments.

I realize it's outside the area in question but coming up with a way to move the commuter rail up or down would help everyone in the long run. Train track crossings are dangerous, slow and unsightly./

Building on this idea of space to have experiences rather than shop, what about incorporating green space, where people can get away from the asphalt, sit in a park and enjoy the area.

If they put the CommRail under ground, all that space above it can be green and alive with art, good foods etc.

What are the biggest mobility challenges?

Ending the bike path here is dangerous and counterproductive. It would be very beneficial to have this extend into the Lake Cochituate Park and past there into the Natick mall and possibly over to sherwood... Read more

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Hi Pete, Creating a more safe walking and biking experience is a goal we hope to achieve. Regarding the Cochituate Rail Trail, the Town of Natick has purchased the railroad right of way south of where... Read more

A more specific idea would be an indoor multi sports facility like the 4 Kicks facility in Marlboro. Framingham Natick badly needs something like this

The entire area is car focused, it's not safe for other modes, so that needs to be resolved, it is out of date.

Bringing safer ways of traversing and arriving at this space by foot and by bicycle is an important idea. i have watched both pedestrians and cyclists be almost mown down by traffic. Accessing this area... Read more

I bicycle commuted on Worcester for 12 years without incident. My apologies to the motorists for taking up space on "their road". Perhaps you haven't noticed the "Share the Road" signs and bicycle traffic... Read more

Route nine us a divided 55mph multi lane highway and DANGEROUS for bikes. A better idea is to make a wider sidewalk useable by bikes

I would never bicycle on Route 9. However, sidewalks are no place for cyclists. Pedestrians have certain rules to follow. Vehicle drivers expect certain behaviors from pedestrians. Cyclists can travel... Read more

Where are opportunities for improvement?

The stretch of lots from Red Roof Inn, across the street to the pool place and North End Treat is beat up and tired. Lots of asphalt, no great uses.

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Traffic is horrible throughout Speen, on route 9 near Sherwood plaza, at the intersection of 30/speen. It makes me want to avoid the entire area, and I live here! I would also like to see better control... Read more

i concur. getting off of the pike at 6:00pm and trying to get down Speen Street and onto Hartford street to go home is a complete nightmare as it is backed up all the way to Rt. 30.

Another thing I would do is plant more trees on the red roof side of the street.

And figure out a way to get water to them. Not easy when they're surrounded by so much pavement!

Where are opportunities for improvement?

More local restaurants like Waltham and the burbs around Boston. Puzzle rooms would be amazing, something you can spend an afternoon at. Barcades, and boargame shops, places you can find community and... Read more

Where are opportunities for improvement?

The exits immediately before/after the Rt. 126 bridge require a sharp turn and often at high speeds. Rt 9 would benefit form having exit lanes to allow traffic to slow down and make a graceful turn.

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I would start with the major shopping centers - the mall, Shopper's World, Sherwood Plaza, Target, and expand from there.

I'd suggest either having a turn lane or no turn lane. Currently the EB side has a kind of wide right lane, At 1.5 lanes wide it is neither wide enough for a car to move over, nor wide enough for a car... Read more

Rt 9 under 126 was a huge missed opportunity when the bridge was reconstructed just a few years ago and instead of exit lanes a very wide sidewalk no one ever walks on was built. Looked like the engineers... Read more

What are the biggest mobility challenges?

This intersection at the top of Shoppers World Way at BJ's has 3 stop signs. Southbound traffic coming in off Old CP does not have a stop sign. It causes confusion and near accidents often. Additionally,... Read more

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That's totally on BJs and easy to fix but doesn't seem to be a priority to the store. Perfectly good curb stones were just replaced with new perfectly good ones but this stretch along side of the building... Read more

This driveway in general is used as a cut-through between MA-30 and MA-126 north. That would be fine if it was improved to be a road and handle the traffic volume. Specifically lane markers, proper signals/signage... Read more

Piling on that making this a proper throughway would be a HUGE improvement for the reasons already mentioned. In the meantime a simple and cost effective improvement would be to improve the signage to... Read more

What are the biggest mobility challenges?

Crossover from Speen St onramp to Rte 9W is dangerous/congested. Left turn into Sherwood Plaza needs two improvements: increased light cycle time for left turn, and longer lane so that left lane of 9W... Read more

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Think of how much congestion would be eliminated by putting the CommRail underground. In the long run, the Golden Triangle would see the benefits. We need to at least bring up the subject even though,... Read more

Where are opportunities for improvement?

Entering Rt 9 from the Mall/Speen is an issue at peak traffic when cars need to cut across three lanes of traffic to turn into Sherwood Plaza. The left turn lane on Route 9 West at Sherwood Plaza backs... Read more

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It would be great if some genius engineer could find a way to separate local traffic from through traffic.

It is amazing how many drivers at that merge onto Rt 9, do not recognize the initial lane stands alone. You can drive directly onto Rt 9 without stopping to check on coming traffic. Backs up traffic on... Read more

Agree with many others--extending a safe bike path from northwest Framingham to this area would be great. Plus family friendly and young adult activities--bowling for indoors, mini golf for outdoors, and... Read more

What are the biggest mobility challenges?

The South End of Caldor Road needs clear lane designations for turning into Walmart and through traffic

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More lane definition is a MUST for both Caldor Rd and Ring Rd. It's a free for all, especially for cars turning left onto Caldor from Rt. 9. There should be a designated "right turn only" lane to enter... Read more

I had forgotten about this - you're right, this is currently an unsafe condition.

Where are opportunities for improvement?

A bike path continuation from TJX building to at least around Bacon Street in Natick would be a great improvement as it would help decrease commuter traffic on bottlenecks around Lake Cochituate.

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Hi Baris, The Town of Natick actually recently has purchased the railroad right of way south of where the trail currently ends at TJX all the way to the Natick Commuter Station. They are currently working... Read more

The CRT has come a long way in the past 15 years. I remember helping with some of the brush clearing, and at the time could dream of the much potential. Great to see the progress, and looking forward to... Read more

What are the biggest mobility challenges?

With the increase in EV ownership - having increased access to charging stations while shopping would be a wonderful addition throughout the area. The current selection of spots are limited to the mall... Read more

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Hi Seth, This is a great idea that is probably not very difficult to implement in the future! Do you have specific suggestions for locations of additional charging stations?

Challenging spot

Poor internal roads within the shopping areas. Once someone turns into any of the Shopping areas such as Shoppers World, Natick Mall, Cloverleaf Mall, Sherwood Plaza, etc. they should be able to comfortably... Read more

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