All good things must come to an end - new Golden Triangle project webpage

This coUrbanize platform will be inactive starting on 8/1/2018. However, all of the information and valuable comments will still be viewable!

Please continue to follow along on the process, leave us feedback including comments on the Draft Golden Triangle Planning Study, and check for updates and other important information on Framingham's community webpage linked below.


As always, thank you for following along on this journey!

Happy Summer! - Joint Open House Update

On June 26, 2018, the Town of Natick and City of Framingham held a joint Open House to share results of the Exit 13/Golden Triangle Planning Study. Various stakeholders in both communities attended the meeting which included a rolling powerpoint to describe the process to date and recommendations of the plan, and stations with more detail about the recommendations.

One station displayed the Connections and Open Space Framework, describing recommendations for potential new future roadway and greenway connections. This station also displayed a proposed zoning framework establishing suggested areas for transition zones and primary development zones. These zones would include different development intensities and regulations. Creating specific zoning regulations - including things such as allowed/prohibited uses, landscaping percent requirements, and building setback dimensions - would be the communities' next step forward.

The Transportation station demonstrated both short and long term improvement possibilities to ease traffic congestion in the Golden Triangle. These improvements took into consideration a 10% or 20% development growth in the area. What transportation improvements can help if this growth were to occur? The concepts displayed are very much a draft and would require more detailed engineering and design analyses. These concept ideas may be long term, but the communities can implement smaller improvements meanwhile.

A phased development vision and some urban design concepts were demonstrated at the last station. The overall idea portrayed in these concepts is that many of the properties in the Golden Triangle are large plazas or shopping areas owned by one entity. A strategy for keeping these areas economically sustainable and thriving is to phase future development that may need to occur. Breaking up large parcels into smaller pieces can assist with increasing roadway and pedestrian connections and create more of a "neighborhood feel" in these currently auto dominated areas. It is important to note that these concepts DO NOT represent the property owners' or communities' plans. These property concepts were used simply to demonstrate the phased development vision idea.

Some photos of the Open House evening:

If you were unable to attend the Joint Open House, please send us your questions and comments on the plan and process to or leave them here. Framingham will have a neighborhood level meeting once the summer is over.

Hopefully you are all having a lovely (but quite warm) summer season!

Joint Public Open House - June 26th @ 6:30 PM, Kennedy Middle School Natick

The City of Framingham and Town of Natick invite you to a joint open house to learn about the results of the Exit 13/Golden Triangle Planning Study! The work reflects expert advice and responds to community input throughout the process. The Golden Triangle is the area around Exit 13 on the Mass Pike and includes he Natick Mall, Shoppers World, Route 9 and Route 30. Leaders and staff from each community have been working on a joint plan to guide future growth and direct the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in making strategic transportation and infrastructure investments in the area.

Please direct all questions to Alaa Abusalah. RSVPs are encouraged: 508-532-5455 AMA@FRAMINGHAMMA.GOV

Comment on the Draft Golden Triangle Planning Study!

The Draft Golden Triangle Planning Study is available for public comment and input! Gathering feedback from all of you who work, play, or live in the area is important to this process. You can submit your comments here or by emailing Both communities will be holding numerous public meetings in the months of April and May. We ask that you continue to stay updated through this platform.

Meanwhile, check out this amazing drone shot of the Golden Triangle area courtesy of Natick DPW!

Draft Golden Triangle Planning Study Coming Soon!

Things have been pretty quiet on this website recently. This is because our Team is working on finalizing the Draft Golden Triangle Planning Study to release for public review. Please keep your eyes peeled for the release of this Draft Study in March as we will be collecting all of your feedback and suggestions!

Meanwhile, check out the new FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) uploaded here.


The Natick Community and Economic Development Department is scheduling a couple Neighborhood Meetings for the Golden Triangle Planning Study we are completing in coordination with the City of Framingham. Two flyers are attached below with details about these Meetings, which are being held this Thursday (December 21, 2017) AND January 11, 2018 at the Speen Street Armory (the National Guard facility located at 149 Speen Street) in the West Natick neighborhood.

Both briefings will be identical and will provide background on the project as well as opportunities for attendees to share their thoughts about the study and the future of the Golden Triangle district. We are hosting two meetings to accommodate busy holiday schedules and to ensure robust and comprehensive local input on this study.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to Ted Fields at 508.647.6428 or

Framingham Neighborhood Meeting and Other Updates

The Golden Triangle consultants and Framingham Town staff held a neighborhood level community meeting at Lifetime Fitness on Monday, 11/13. Art Robert, Director of Framingham’s Community & Economic Development, explained the project including the what-why-how of the study. The consultant, Crosby Schlessinger and Smallridge, then held a discussion with the group asking “What do you do here?”, “What is missing?”, and “What are other issues in the area worth noting?”

Natick will be holding a neighborhood level meeting also in the upcoming weeks. Date and location are to be determined.

Comments made at the Joint Community Open House and images of all the activity stations and comment boards from both the Open House and neighborhood level meetings can be found here. Much of this feedback reflects the many comments received on this coUrbanize platform with some new (to us!) ideas and thoughts. All of the feedback will be integrated into the final study.

 Additional Steering Committee information added

Some attendees requested more information on the project’s Steering Committee. We have therefore added additional information here, including Steering Committee member names and meeting agendas from the three meetings that have been held thus far. Steering Committee members offer valuable input to this process as members include:

·        business owners or managers in the Golden Triangle whom can provide details into what is happening in the commercial, retail, and office markets right now as they are experiencing it. Additionally, some of these members control large parcels in the area which would have the greatest impact if redeveloped in the future. Therefore their input and knowledge is critical for the area’s success; and

·        local elected officials and key staff from both communities, who provide a voice for residents and guide the vision, throughout the process.

Existing Conditions Report

Don’t forget to provide us your feedback on the Existing Conditions Report. Send your comments to

Open House Success & Existing Conditions Complete

The Joint Community Open House held at the Christa McAuliffe Charter School in Framingham on 10/23 had a great turnout and brought tons of feedback. Thank you to those who were able to attend!

A rolling powerpoint - which can be viewed here - played throughout the evening for attendees to watch at their leisure and learn more about the project and its status. Four "activity stations" were created to collect input hands-on from participants. The stations covered land use, transportation, and design topics. Staff were available for questions and comments. See some pictures from the event below!


Neighborhood level meetings will be held in each community this month. Framingham's neighborhood meeting will be held November 13, 2017 at Lifetime Fitness. Natick's meeting date is to be determined.


Additionally, the consultant has completed the Golden Triangle Existing Conditions Report! Although the document looks large it is full of valuable information on the current conditions of the area, equipped with images and maps. Please provide any comments to

Joint Community Open House - October 23, 2017

The Towns of Framingham and Natick will be hosting a joint open house on Monday, October 23, 2017 from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Christa McAuliffe Charter School at 139 Newbury Street, Framingham, MA 01701. Visitors will have opportunities to comment and participate in discussion on each of the key issues. Planners from both Towns, as well as the consultant team, Crosby Schlessinger and Smallridge, will be on hand to answer one-on-one questions about the process, the goals, and the information generated by the work so far. 


RSVPs are not required, however encouraged:

Alaa Abusalah | 508-532-5455 |  

Text us your ideas!

We have officially launched our SMS campaign. You may see these signs in areas you walk in the Golden Triangle - each with a question and phone number to text your response. All responses will be linked to the coUrbanize map for others, including the Team, to view.

Keep a lookout for these signs and help spread the word to participate! Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback thus far on this initiative.

Thank you for your feedback! Here are some updates


We have received many informative and constructive comments on this coUrbanize platform and would like to thank all participants for this feedback! We will provide a summary of your comments received thus far to the consultants and Team who will integrate your input into this Study. A majority of the feedback was related to traffic issues and the need to make this area friendlier to other modes of travel, such as bicycling, walking, and bus service. Many respondents told us that they are drawn to this area because of the convenience and variety of retail, but highlighted a need for more entertainment venues (such as bowling, “barcades” [similar to Dave and Buster’s], escape rooms, etc). More open spaces, landscaping, and improved signage were also noted.  

As part of this coUrbanize outreach, the Study team will place lawn signs throughout the Golden Triangle area, to solicit additional feedback from pedestrians. These signs will ask key questions and will include a phone number to text responses and comments, which will be linked directly to this website. Keep an eye out for these signs. Please REMEMBER it is against the law to text from your car! We value your feedback but ask that you pull over before contacting us.

Other updates on the Golden Triangle Planning Study:

·        Steering Committee Meeting #1 was held on June 27, 2017 and Steering Committee Meeting #2 was held on August 23, 2017. The Steering Committee – composed of elected officials and key staff from each Town, and business/property owners or managers within the Golden Triangle area – will meet every other month to help provide feedback on the Study and answer questions that may arise.

·        The Existing Conditions report is almost complete. CSS, the consultants working on the Study, have compiled a report which paints a picture of the existing conditions of the Golden Triangle area. Housing, urban design and scale, parcel ownership, retail, zoning, demographics, and transportation were some elements analyzed. Staff is in the process of reviewing this report and will post to this website when that review is complete.

Welcome to the Exit 13/Golden Triangle project!

Thanks for visiting! We (a joint team of Framingham and Natick town planners and economic development experts) are using this site to gather your feedback on challenges and opportunities in the Exit 13/Golden Triangle area. Follow the project to receive email updates, and add your ideas to the Map!

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