Host your own meeting!

Gwinnett County invites you to bring together a small group of neighbors, friends, or family and discuss the future of Gwinnett Place Mall. 

This Meetings-in-a-Box toolkit contains everything you need to host your own in-depth discussion. This toolkit is designed for use by any type of group — community organizations, neighborhood associations, or friends — who want to gather in-person or virtually.

How will your feedback be used?

We will use your feedback to inform the Gwinnett Place Mall Equitable Redevelopment Plan. We hope to gain insight into community needs and priorities to shape the redevelopment process. We will summarize your notes and post them online for broader community discussion. 

What you need to know: 

  • Discussions should happen wherever and whenever it is convenient for a group of interested people to get together and talk either virtually or in-person. 
  • Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes, plus time to plan and prepare. 
  • Bring together 8 to 12 people and lead a conversation on topics included in the worksheet.
  • Assign a designated notetaker and host for the meeting.
  • Share your notes, attendee list, and worksheets with us below by November 12th
  • If possible, take pictures during your discussion. 

Below is the list of materials included in this packet for your use:  

  • Meeting Guide: A guide to support the host step-by-step through the Meetings-in-a-Box process.
  • Participant Worksheet: A series of questions that the County is seeking feedback on for the Equitable Redevelopment Plan. Each participant answers the worksheets individually during the meeting.
  • Notetaker Worksheet: A notetaking sheet.
  • Sample Invitation (optional): Sample meeting invitation for use by the host.
  • Attendee List: A sign-in sheet for participants. Emails will be added to the Reclaim Gwinnett Place Mall distribution list for future feedback. 

Please watch the introductory video from Chairwoman Nicole Hendrickson about this project.

Please select and download the host packet with all of the materials above in the language of your choice: English, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese - Traditional, Chinese - Simplified