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Update #9

Meetings-in-a-Box Recap

Thanks for hosting and joining conversations about the future of Gwinnett Place Mall


Last month, a series of Meetings-in-a-Box conversations were hosted across the County in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese) about the equitable redevelopment of Gwinnett Place Mall. 20 conversations were held with more than 200 of your fellow Gwinnettians. We want to thank you to all hosts and participants who gave us incredible feedback and joined the conversation around an equitable future for the mall site.


The top areas of interest we heard were recreation and public space, cultural or arts space, housing affordability, public transportation, and access to employment. All your valuable feedback will be reflected in the Equitable Redevelopment Plan. If we missed anything or you have more to share, leave a comment on the feedback tab. We look forward to sharing a more detailed report out on our comments later this month, and to continue meeting and talking with you through the new year.