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Update #16

Update from the CPAB Chair Hilda Abbott

The CPAB had a successful final meeting on April 21. We reflected on our experience together and the work that grew from our conversations over the last eight months. I believe this is the first time the County has done engagement like this in relation to a major site redevelopment and we are all thrilled to see such a diverse group gathered. We also discussed how the future version of the CPAB could be organized, support the County, and hold our leaders accountable throughout the redevelopment of the mall. We also heard from our friends at Gas South District and learned about the importance of prioritizing greenspace and transportation during the planning process and to be open to a variety of opinions to make a project successful.

We are continuing to think of ways to engage with you all around this project. If you’d like to hear more from our CPAB members directly and their thoughts on the mall, tune into a live series by Women Engaged (WE) called "You Ask, WE Answer" on Friday, April 29 from noon to 1:00pm EST. WE is an initiative that uses a creative, hands-on learning approach to advancing Black women’s human rights, youth empowerment and civic engagement efforts in Georgia. Their live series event focuses on highlighting and presenting calls to action for any organization, or ongoing effort in Georgia.

Last May, the Chairwoman announced this work around an equity plan would begin, and I’m proud to say that after several rounds of engagement, meetings, and discussion, the County will finalize the Equitable Redevelopment Plan for the mall site. This plan will ensure that our county will approach development in new ways and share the benefits of new investment while maintaining what makes the community authentic and accessible. Our leaders made the bold choice to purchase part of the site last year, let’s continue to use our voices and roll up our sleeves to continue this process. The plan is currently being refined by the County and should be released soon. I can’t wait for you all to see it.

Please expect more updates from the County in the coming weeks!