community review
Phase Community Review
Townhome 11 townhomes
Multi-Family/Apartment 12 Units

Building upon the success of the first phase of Harbor 44, this development will build new residences - both for-rent apartments (Harbor Flats) and for-purchase townhomes (Harbor Row) - along two vacant blocks of W. 44th Street. The aim is to offer a variety of housing types and price points to accommodate a broad range of residents. The aesthetics of the project focus on materials commonly seen in the neighborhood (brick and cladding), hailing back to historic architecture types but with a modern interpretation. The development will provide an attractive streetscape with new landscaping and lighting.

Harbor Flats will be a twelve-unit apartment building just south of Lorain Court fronting W. 44th Street. The apartments will vary in size, offering a broad set of options in both size and price point to appeal to potential residents. Each floor plate features a modest studio, a pair of one-bedroom suites, and a spacious two-bedroom suite. Each apartment, regardless of size, offers private terrace or balcony space for tenant enjoyment and engagement. The walk-up first-floor units and street-facing terraces and balconies aim to engage the street front. New landscaping and exterior lighting will add beautification and safety to W. 44th Street.  

Harbor Row will offer for-sale townhomes that will also vary in size to accomplish our goal of offering a range of affordability for newly-constructed homes in the neighborhood. Seven townhomes will front W. 44th Street, each with its own garage and terrace space. The townhomes will have mansard roofs to give elevated curb appeal without overwhelming height. By keeping the townhomes in clusters of two or three, nearly all units have three sides of windows, providing an abundance of natural light. 



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