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Hi, I think that there should be one or two hotels in the downtown area also, for people who come from out of Haverhill or just visiting during the weekend or so, it would be nice to have one in the downtown... Read more...

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A Harbor hotel would be great. Maybe provide space for big live events and big company meetings. That will drive a lot of traffic to our local downtown shops.

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That sounds nice. Also maybe have some famous designer clothing stores in downtown also would be nice too.

Thanks for the hotel comments- we're trying to attract a downtown hotel, but the economics are difficult. In the meantime we're working to bring several spaces to you soon that will have arts events.

Haverhill skatepark

last year I reached out to City Hall asking questions around the skatepark in downtown.

i received a response but no follow through from the parks and rec dept. 

Haverhill has many...

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I love the idea of a skate park downtown and know several places where there are good precedents for attractive skate parks in suitable, accessible locations. We will definitely think about this.


i agree that something in or closer to downtown could be great. 

There are some great local builders as well. They would be very happy to talk .

second to that I would...

Partnership idea

I would like to spend time in downtown Haverhill to go for a walk, shop in stores that aren't rent-a-centers or goodwill, and feel safe. On our first walk on the Harbor Place boardwalk, we saw bullet holes... Read more...

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Solar chargers/shopping areas

I think it would be nice to have more solar chargers along the boardwalk and an couple in Washington Square, and renovate the abanndoned factory on Stevens Street and possibly could make it into an hotel/restaurants... Read more...

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Thanks for your comments, Spence. We'll work on trying to provide some more solar infrastructure. Stevens Street is actively being redeveloped, so more or on that front soon. We're also working hard to... Read more...

Washington Square

One element of the urban design plan is to expand the Washington Square plaza and crosswalks to make it a better place for pedestrians to spend time.


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This would be perfect for downtown. Many downtowns near Boston or even Salem MA have this kind of design and it works well.. Very inviting.

The Washington Square Bus Station and adjoining parking area should be converted to a major urban park. Linked to the river via a rampway and boardwalk with underground parking behind the post office.... Read more...

The square is presently wasted, mostly unused space. It needs a major redesign - one focused on bringing people back to this section of the downtown.

Downtown needs...

Parking is needed first. Then add some live music, and/or other performance and visual art space. Make it appealing to artists and get some studio space for first Fridays, etc. A theater that could... Read more...

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Thanks for your comment. In what part of downtown do you feel there is not enough parking? Our analysis shows you can virtually always find a parking space downtown. As to live music, performance, and... Read more...

Major changes are needed

The only way I could see this area downtown to be turned into something people would want to come to from for away is to:

1) Add a large dock/walkway along the river.
2) Remove a...

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Greg, thanks for your comments. A new boardwalk is being constructed along the river as we speak, and we hope to be able to get it extended in the future. I think we need to have new development along... Read more...

Post Office and municipal parking area

Work with the General Services Administration and the Post Office to acquire the Post Office. Relocate the PO to another part of town. Renovate the existing building into a performing arts... Read more...

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I've lived in Haverhill for 57 years,  This area of development has NOTHING to attract anyone to go visit.  My banks not there, its highly congestive,  limited/no parking.  Whats... Read more...

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Thanks for your comments, Brian. A lot of good ideas in here. One of the core things that we're working on is creating destinations downtown- as you say, a reason to go there. We're focusing on the... Read more...

We are limited with mostly restaurants, hair and barber shops, etc. right now.
Switch to a local bank, Pentucket and Haverhill Banks give tens of thousands of dollars back to Haverhill non profits and... Read more...

Downtown Haverhill idea

I think downtown Haverhill needs a multi-mixed use marketplace area with apartments, movie theater, live entertainment, greenspace, parks, more entertainment venues and performing arts center, hotels,... Read more...

Also some more restaurants and lounges too.

I would also love to see a skate park also near the boardwalk and try to connect the boardwalk from the Basilere Bridge and Comeau Bridge together.

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That would also attract more pedestrians to walk on the Bradford Rail Trail too as well as traveling by bikes or walking around downtown. It would be nice to see the whole entire downtown be bustling with... Read more...

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It would also be nice to see an urban park/garden in the city that hosts multiple events

Downtown Haverhill idea

I think that if you want to attract more people to the downtown area, it would be nice to have a nice attraction with views of the whole entire Merrimack Valley/ Southern New Hampshire region, possibly... Read more...

Partnership idea

I think that if you want to attract more people to the downtown area, it would be great to have an attraction with views of the whole entire city and other areas like an sky observation building or a ferris... Read more...

Washington St

Another question about the core of Downtown. Will there be any new development/improvements made to the historical downtown portion, near Comeau Bridge? I feel it would benefit to tie Merrimack St into... Read more...


Area there plans on connecting the new Merrimack St Boardwalk (part of the Harbor Place) with the existing boardwalk behind the Tap on Washington St?

Arts and Culture

I would love to see a place where there could be comedy, music, plays, etc. While Lowell and Newburyport aren't that far away, I'd love to support something like this in Haverhill.

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