JP / Roxbury / Dorchester Hubway

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Southwest Corridor Bikeway!!

Hubway should expand along the entire length of the Southwest Corridor. With stations at Jackson Square, Stony Brook, Green Street, and Forest Hills. Other possible Jamaica Plain locations could include... Read more...

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Hyde Square would be the next ideal link!

With all of the development in Hyde Square, it is an ideal location for a Hubway stop. It would give a boost to the business owners taking a chance in an historically less popular area than, say, Green... Read more...

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Forest Hills

I'd like to see one at Forest Hills. It's a major transit hub.

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JP Pond

Would like to see the station near the intersection of South Huntington and Perkins (Angell? Whole Foods? Canary Square?) The Pond itself gets very crowded in summer time and you can only cycle on the... Read more...

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Agree here, although the map seems to show a station at/near Hyde Square. Why there is none proposed for the rest of Centre Street is a mystery. I'd think that there should be stations at Jackson Square,... Read more...

Hyde Square

Hyde Square is a great location for a Hubway stop.

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Hyde Square, Jackson Square, and the Emerald Necklace

Given that there's an existing Hubway station at Roxbury Crossing, we'd love to see a station on the Southwest Corridor Park at Jackson Square. It would keep Hubway riders along the existing bike path... Read more...

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Jackson Square

Hi there, What about Jackson Square T station area. It is on the train, on a bike path and folks can take it into JP Center, over to Long Wood Medical area or into Egleston Square. If this is too close... Read more...

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Agreed that Jackson Square makes a whole lot of sense, especially with all the housing (new and existing) right there.

Indeed it would. There should be a station at every Orange Line station.

I agree! Jackson Square (as well as Green St) makes the most sense for a hubway bike rack. To

Upham's Corner isn't in JP

But we need the bike station so call us whatever you want! I can't see exactly where the Hubway station would be located, looks like it's on the north side of the Fairmount Line tracks? I'd prefer having... Read more...

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I agree, it should be next to the commercial district so you can go to the post office or buy something. Much more useful in this location. Cheers, Colin

I agree with Rosanne, having the Hubway stop in the heart of Uphams Corner by the intersection of Columbia Rd. and Stoughton would be excellent. I'd also like to add my support for the Franklin Park Zoo... Read more...

Agreed with Rosanne. Perhaps in front of the bus stop along Columbia Road in front of the cemetery is another great idea.

Option 1 Is Better

Honestly, I don't love either location because the bike path is heavily trafficked at rush hour. However, most bikers turn left (from the perspective of the camera) either to go up Centre Street or continue... Read more...

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Good location

Hyde Square is a good location. Business node, near a grocery store, bus stop, etc. Sort of on top of a hill, but that is the case with most of JP.

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Two types of people use Hubway: everyday commuters, and visitors/tourists. The visitors & tourists will be coming to/from the Orange line, and visiting the JP destinations: the pond, Arboretum, Centre... Read more...

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should be at entrance ot arboretum

this station should be at the entrance to the arboretum.

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Jackson Square, Jamaica Pond, and Green St

Forgive me for this long response, but... Green St is the most obvious of the three because it links up to Central JP, which is the main business district, and Jamaica Pond is a bit of a gimme with... Read more...

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Excuse me: 12 min walk between Roxbury Crossing and Jackson Sq. I accidentally mentally calculated the walking distance from RCC to Stony Brook.

Boston Bikes - Hi Angela, I just want to respond to your post. We do intend to have a station at Jackson and Hyde Square. It is clear we have received a lot of requests for these stations, and it was... Read more...

Transit and commercial connections

I am so happy that Hubway is coming to JP. It makes so much sense to me to link Hubway to transit like the Orange line and to major locations along the Centre Street commercial spine of JP.

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JP Pond

How about having a few around JP pond?

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