• Anticipated construction completion

    Estimated 18 month timeline to complete construction on full project.

  • constructionCreated by ProSymbols from the Noun Project

    Anticipated construction start

    We anticipate starting construction in early 2018.

  • Financing package gathered

    We expect to have financing in hand to start construction around the end of 2017.

  • approvedCreated by Mushu from the Noun Project

    ZBA Hearing

    Zoning Board of Appeals votes on the project

  • approvedCreated by Mushu from the Noun Project

    BRA Board Meeting

    The BRA Board votes to approve the project under Article 80

  • approvedCreated by Mushu from the Noun Project

    Boston Civic Design Commission Board Meeting

    BCDC Board votes to approve Indigo Block project design

  • BRA-sponsored 2nd Community meeting

    BRA sponsors a meeting to update the larger community on progress made with the IAG

  • BRA-sponsored 2nd Impact Advisory Group meeting

    Follow up with IAG on questions that came up at first meeting, BCDC design recommendations

  • Boston Civic Design Commission Subcommittee Meeting

    Meet with BCDC Subcommittee to review designs in depth; second step in BCDC approval process

  • Boston Civic Design Commission Meeting

    Meet with BCDC to review plans and building designs; first step in BCDC approval process

  • BRA-sponsored Impact Advisory Group meeting

    624 Dudley Street community room (across from Mary Hannan Park)

  • BRA-sponsored community meeting

    Strand Theatre

  • applicationCreated by Juicy Fish from the Noun Project

    Expanded Project Notification Form submitted to BRA

  • Developer-sponsored Community Meeting

    The development team presented ourselves and our plan for the Indigo Block project to the community after being selected as developer of the 65 East Cottage St site.

  • Development Team is tentatively designated as developer of the site