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Phase Community Review
residential New Public & Workforce
retail 2000 SQ FT
Retail Daycare and more
affordable housing & Market Rate

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What's in the Works

Chelsea has been selected to envision a $120 million redevelopment of the existing Innes Apartments public housing community. Under the leadership of the Chelsea Housing Authority and the Innes Residents, private capital will be secured through Joseph J. Corcoran Company, a local housing developer, to realize a fully integrated mixed-use community for all residents of Chelsea. This innovative public/private partnership allows for a fully sustainable model of affordable and low income housing. The proposed redevelopment plans create a place for all people to live, work and grow by fostering upward economic mobility. The redevelopment of the Innes Apartments public housing community in Chelsea will offer new homes for all current residents and create a fully accessible, mixed-income, mixed-use community. All 96 existing public housing units will be replaced one-for-one, while adding 40 new middle income units and 194 market rate units all inter-mingled throughout the property.

When complete, the transformed Innes Apartments will feature a range of affordable housing solutions for all current residents and new comers to Chelsea including market-rate transit oriented housing, small business retail, increased public green space, a modernized playground, a new fully renovated daycare space for the current provider and a robust resident programing component that includes job training, educational services, and youth activities.

Our goal is to provide the quality housing opportunities that all residents of Chelsea deserve. We intend to build a complete community where everyone is treated equally across all areas of the property, fostering vibrant spaces for collaborative engagement and social interaction while providing families and individuals the ability to grow into housing... Read more...