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Update #3

Innes Apartments Redevelopment Project Moves Forward

Innes Apartments Redevelopment Project Moves Forward

Last night, the Chelsea City Council held a public hearing on the Innes Apartments redevelopment proposal.  The project team led by the Chelsea Housing Authority, Innes Residents Association and the Joseph J. Corcoran Company highlighted the urgency to move the project forward to realize the opportunity for new housing the current residents deserve and can be proud to call home.   

Thank you to all that attended the City Council hearing last night and for all that spoke in support of the Innes Apartments redevelopment - the Innes Apartments are for everyone and this redevelopment is about giving people beautiful places to live, work and grow.

The project will now move forward to begin the 40R zoning application process, the first of several approvals needed.

What is 40R?

40R is a Smart Growth zoning incentive established by the State of Massachusetts to encourage transit oriented development in an effort to increase housing including the rebuilding of public housing units.

  • 40R provides financial incentives to the communities that seek this designation and then move forward with projects under this zoning tool
  • The City of Chelsea would be eligible to receive $1.1Million through the 40R incentive if the Innes Apartments redevelopment proposal moves forward

The next public hearing will be scheduled by the City of Chelsea Planning Board where the project team will have the opportunity to update the City on the proposal specific to the 40R review process.