pedestrian streetscape
Which concept do you believe provides the best connectivity? (Details of each concept are provided on the question graphic)

Key to an attractive office center are vibrant public spaces and streets. We can design the streets in the Innovation Center to connect and serve the larger street grid in Brentwood. In return, the larger Brentwood community enjoys greater access to parks, plazas and trails adding vitality to the Innovation Center. Which scheme do you prefer?

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Do you have any other questions or suggestions about this project?

Please consider underground parking structures to maximize surface level building potential and walkability. We have enough strip malls in the areas. More vertical construction would allow more green space... Read more...

What is it that attracts you to visit public plazas and parks? Feel free to share places you have been that you have enjoyed!

lots of trees, walking paths, water features and nature areas that support local wildlife.

What types of features, services, and/or amenities do you look for in a workplace?

a walkable area with outdoor recreation options, plenty of meal options, childcare options, efficient traffic flow and freeway access, quality infrastructure (fiber internet, well-maintained streets)

Why should a company choose Brentwood as their next location?

pedestrian trails, multiple downtown shopping areas, easy freeway access, multiple east bay regional parks, affordable housing, access to fiber optic internet service throughout most of the city.

In what industry sector do you currently work?

Information technology and software publishing and development

What types of employment opportunities do you think are most needed in Brentwood?

Tech companies, more fast casual dining and more entertainment options (bars, restaurants, live performance venues). This will attract more recreational visitors, provide amenities for larger employers... Read more...

Which scheme did you pick and why?

Concept 1 appears to provide the most park space and the most efficient street grid allowing for future vertical growth.

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