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Update #10

Please join us for the May 11th City Council Meeting at 7:00 PM!

Please join us for this Tuesday's May 11th 7:00 PM virtual City Council Meeting to discuss the approval of the Brentwood Innovation Center master plan concept. With approval of this concept the team will be begin it's effort to develop the marketing strategy and materials for employer recruitment.

In this meeting we will discuss:

  • Illustrative Master Plan
  • Specific Plan Boundary Adjustment
  • Land Uses and Zoning
  • Bike lanes and pedestrian trail network
  • Proposed Circulation Plan 
  • Catalyst Sites 
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Potential impacts to the PA1 Specific Plan

This meeting will be hosted by The City of Brentwood using the Zoom Virtual Meeting format.

Click here for the City Council Meeting Agenda and Packet

Click here for the City of Brentwood May 11th City Council Meeting webpage (the zoom link can be found under "More Info")