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In addition to supporting Astoria's existing shops and restaurants, what types of new retail and entertainment would you like to see?

It's perfectly fine the way it is. This level development would only bring in chain businesses, and we don't need those.

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Hi Zora. We hear you and want you to know that’s not the case. We’re focused on incorporating small and locally owned and operated businesses that reflect what our neighbors want and need. Based on what... Read more...

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There's a hardware store literally across the street from where the development would be. There are barbershops all over Astoria. There's an urgent care facility on Steinway. The only thing I shop outside... Read more...

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There is also another Urgent care on Broadway and 37th Street.

Life in Astoria is complete! We have a Thai grocery now (11th Street near 34th Ave). I am still struggling to think what this development could bring in commercial terms that we don't already have?