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Would you support efforts to revitalize Steinway Street, create jobs, and bring more affordable housing and open space to our neighborhood?

Absolutely. I think this development is much-needed for South Steinway, which is getting increasingly dilapidated by the day. We need to avoid urban decay and this is a great way to accomplish that. I... Read more...

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Thanks for the feedback, Yu. We believe this will do a lot to support existing small businesses on Steinway and throughout the neighborhood by driving more foot traffic to them and increasing spending.... Read more...

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South Steinway Street was never as "nice" as the area north of Broadway. The further from Broadway the more of an industrial mix. In recent decades there have been more restaurants and retail south of... Read more...

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I'm worried about adding additional housing without additional infrastructure. We have crowded schools, crowded trains and a crowded hospital in the neighborhood.

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no improvements will be made to any of the surrounding infrastructure, including the power grid and public transportation: the developers do not have to pay for added infrastructure.