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Would you support efforts to revitalize Steinway Street, create jobs, and bring more affordable housing and open space to our neighborhood?

What is the price point on this "affordable" housing? I don't trust a huge Hudson Yards looking project to create housing that's actually going to benefit the people of Astoria.

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Hi Kasha. The 700+ affordable apartments will be available to individuals making on average $45,000 a year, with a number of them affordable to those earning minimum wage. And regarding your Hudson Yards... Read more...

Exactly - it already costs $1,000,000 to buy a broken down house in Astoria, and those apartments in LIC - if you don't have $500,000 forget it. That's why 60% of them are not sold. Those things don't... Read more...

glad to hear the affordable housing will be for those making $45,000/yr

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