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Would you support efforts to revitalize Steinway Street, create jobs, and bring more affordable housing and open space to our neighborhood?

I would most certainly support this. Would give people an opportunity to live in a newly renovated community w a short commute to Manhattan and at the same time being able to live in similar apartments... Read more...

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That street needs to be revitalized. It reminds me of downtown Brooklyn 10 years ago and now that area has great movie theaters, food halls, and shopping (retail, grocery, etc).

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Thanks, Ritesh. Are there any kinds of shops, restaurants or entertainment options in particular that you'd like to see as part of Innovation QNS?

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Food hall similar to Dekalb food hall that options at different price points...more local businesses and not chains. Good retail stores for clothing don’t exist here either. Or a Trader Joe’s for grocery.... Read more...

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