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Would you support efforts to revitalize Steinway Street, create jobs, and bring more affordable housing and open space to our neighborhood?

Yes but I do have concerns about the QNS definition of affordable housing. Lately there have been many new developments in the surrounding area that claim to have a percentage of their units allocated... Read more...

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Hi, Jon. Thanks for sharing your concern. The 725 apartments will be affordable to individuals earning an average of $50,000 a year, with more than 280 affordable for those earning $33,000 a year. More... Read more...

It seems that Innovation QNS has forgotten how to do the most basic math.... $1500 / $1000 a month income, gross is NOT affordable for folks earning $50K or less. Duh.

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itypo... $1500 / $1000 a month rent, is NOT affordable for folks earning $50K gross or less. The lie of "affordable housing".

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Absolutely correct. At 50K, that means $1,041 per month MAXIMUM. By the narrative they are only offering 780 units total and skewing the numbers for window dressing. "you can put lipstick on a pig...."