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Update #3

Open space!

Dear neighbors,

One thing we’ve heard consistently since we shared the plan for Innovation QNS in July is your concern with the lack of accessible open space in the neighborhood. Here is some of what you’ve said about open space:

  • “Super important to be able to easily reconnect with nature and the outdoors in a clean and safe setting.”
  • “We need open space, and places to sit, to rest and enjoy the fresh air. Our kids need playgrounds for recreational use and exercise. It is very important that they be included in new developments.” 
  • “Not only do we need open space but we need gardens and nature.”
  • “We need more greenery in Astoria. We need more trees on our streets. All of our playgrounds are paved.”
  • “Currently the only place an adult without a child can sit in this whole area are the bus stops."
  • “[We need] just open green space with trees that provide shade where people of all ages can come and just relax.”
  • “Seating in the green space would need to be plentiful and designed for enjoying, not just 'keep off the grass' or those uncomfortable 'low metal benches' that are near subway grates on Steinway St.; related, our closest park is over a mile away from where we live; this should 'feel' like an oasis in the neighborhood, not a place where you can't stop, read, snack, etc.”

We agree, and that’s why more than 25% of Innovation QNS will be publicly accessible green space

The plan includes seven distinct public open spaces (from a large civic square to more intimate gardens and courtyards), all programmed differently based on your input to cater to a wide range of interests, activities and needs.

The open spaces will be open to all and located on every one of the five blocks within the district, with the large civic square set in the heart of the district right at the intersection of 35th Avenue and Steinway Street where it will welcome all our neighbors to Innovation QNS. 

We appreciate your input and encourage you to continue sharing your ideas!

 – The Innovation QNS Team