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Create a multi use path between Kittery Comunity Center and State Road (with permission of property owners)

This idea has been around for a long time and is excellent. We should approach property homes to see if this is a possible idea they would consider.

Protect working waterfront – since University of Maine system studies show that economic benefits of waterfront jobs outweigh revenue from luxury waterfront residential development. Once it is gone, it... Read more...

pedestrian walkway

There will be fewer and fewer opportunities to establish a reasonably sized public waterfront area in the Foreside so the town should consider purchasing one of the few buildings available to replace with... Read more...

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There is funding for projects that allow the public more access to the waterfront.

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I have been on the town for connecting the sidewalk from Suds & More to the KP bridge - they say 2017 as it's been funded and approved for 4 or 5 years. Disappointed as it seems to not be a priority.... Read more...

2/3 the Navy Yard will be under water in a Hurricane Sandy event according to UNH's Cameron Wake.<br>What are the Navy Yard & Town's Climate Adaption & emergency plans?

And those emergency plans need to include from the Yard it's plans for dealing with the huge amounts of radioactive and other toxic materials located there.

move the Water District sand and gravel mess out of this entry to Kittery. Replace with 150 mixed use retail and affordable housing units and green space <br><br>D Lincoln

Yes, and this is a spot I was thinking could absorb some of the downtown parking

A previous plan exists by Thomas Emerson Babcock if Water District can be moved.<br>Hazardous materials & flooding issues. Number of units allowable much less.

off site weekday parking for PSNY - use tracks for rail transport of passengers onto PSNY

and make sure that affordable is defined to meet the incomes of people who work as retail clerks, kitchen help, etc.

This would extend the Foreside which would increase tourism and attract more business from Portsmouth and surrounding area becoming a bigger destination.

Create a walking trail from Traip Boat Slips to Foreside

Great idea, this trail could also fork and follow the railroad tracks to gourmet alley on Rt. 1

I want to support this twice, because this would not only connect the Boat slips and Traip academy to the Foreside, which would make it easier to utilize the parking there for events such as the Blockparty... Read more...

Reduce parking on Walker Street and install protected bike lane

Hard to reduce parking in this area. How about 'share the road' emblems on the roads in the Foreside.

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Most of the roads in Kittery and KP have fairly low speed limits anyway so bike lanes where ever possible should be developed.

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At least reduce 1 parking space near the intersections on 103 with Main St, Otis, and Jones. It is difficult to see the traffic on 103 when pulling out of those streets because of the street parking.

I'm all for bike lanes, but the parking on Walker is necessary to support the Foreside, especially to ward off the perceived need for a parking garage.

I moved here from Boston because of the (somewhat) pedestrian & bike friendliness of the area. Improving on this would certainly appeal to more young families who would add to the vitality of this wonderful... Read more...

I meant to add that adding features attractive to young families is the way to combat Maine's well documented problem of Brain Drain...

We need a crosswalk at Water St and Rte 1 with a sign on the southbound side of rte 1 warning of the pedestrian crossing

Completely agree. Also would like to see crosswalk into John Paul jones park.

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Would also help to increase enforcement of speed limits and post them.

make Foreside more pedestrian-friendly by clarifying and protecting pedestrian right-of-way from traffic turning right off of Wentworth St onto Walker St

there are boundless opportunities for use of community space. Please see my other comment about a tool/things lending library! Also what about a community workshop? Many young people are looking to move... Read more...

Tiny house mixed income housing park

BUT preferably not shoved off on the edge of town. Integrating housing is essential to maintaining character, at least of Foreside.

Thanks for asking. This is a great way to get input....<br>We need a "Caution No Wake Zone" buoy here. There was one there two years ago. Boaters speed all the way up to the Pepperrell Cove (Rt 103) bridge... Read more...

Maybe two markers as the area is wide and boats come in from Hicks Rocks and the Sound basin side

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